I am number one!

Fantastic Movie.... can't wait for the next movie.

inb4 1337
watching right now ^^
homo movie
I'm over 9000
Shit movie.
I was on this movie in cinema some time ago, was great.
ye I really liked it too :P
I watched it the other night, it was sick!
so, u are a zombie, cause number one is dead. sorry about you. :D
what a shitmovie... unbelievable someone can earn money with that.
I really enjoyed the movie. Can't wait for more.
there wont be a sequel.

But was nice, yeah
Looks like twilight+star wars+mission impossible.
It was ok movie.
Expected more.
The so-called ufos or whoever they were, were kinda lame and pathetic (and got beaten up way too easily :D). Movie got over too fast as well (if there arent any sequels coming)
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