What's your daily drive?

Last week I got XA-202/203 driving lisence and next 7 months my daily drive will be this kind of wagon:
[img|left]http://www.military-today.com/apc/xa_203.jpg[/img] armored personnel carrier.

At the weekends i have holidays from army, im driving [img|left]http://i52.tinypic.com/2d0n9yd.jpg[/img] ... I've planned that after military service I could build some japanese drift car :)
image: 261

But whenever I have to drive further I take my sisters car, or my parents.. :)
Piaggio NRG mc1/2/3 ;PPPP n1
Yea, nrg, not sure about the model :)

It is a wanted piece indeed, they already stole it once.
inb4 20 year olds with a 40k BMW / Mercedes
Actually it's image: 65py4m, but since the shop kidnapped him months ago and is not willing to bring him back, I'm driving around with image: land-rover-discovery05.
how come?:<
he's got a broken heart :(
? may he rest in peace
nah he's getting a new one :)
my heart is all his *.*
I will be driving image: Mini-Cooper_D_2008_800x600_wallpaper_06 from September.
are you a woman???
Its a company car...
oh was gettin worried
Always wanted one of those :(
actually i wouldnt take him in white but i have always loved the minis...
besides being goodlooking, they re also quite powerful :>
Its not a white one luckily :P Its a dark blue one with green mirrors
oh die zie ik vaak rondrijden in Hasselt, welk bedrijf?
Renault Clio!
lol just kidding it's sda1
Golf V silver-grandpa-ish
corsa :_D
I go to school with image: nmbs-spoort-weer-in-het-rood_5_460x0 and image: hybridebus.jpeg everday
black racing bicycle called Mary Jane II
nice :)

golf 4!
when did crossfire become a e-pen measuring tool
in a few months image: 1961_Ragtop_1501

okay not exactly this one but a '58 ragtop. restauration is still in progress though :p
good choice!
nissan skyline shit car, get ford mustang gt500 eleanor from 1976 epic car :D
image: IMG00043-20090802-2006

pic got taken after i had a small crash with a stone (image: IMG00045-20090802-2006)but i dont have any other pics of my car on my pc or uploaded..
your mother

i walk
image: sl_largeBild

and this'
image: plan_sweden_stockholm_tunnelbana_modern_train_in_station_p1060584_100008955
at my parents, its a red car, at my place i drive with my bike
image: 7260726
out of my window
sry 4 bad quality

image: zhckiffimlec
last weekend :)
no licenseplate ?
Black Volkswagen Polo from 2003, don't got any pics on my pc
lucker :P pas ze rijbewijs en al eigen auto :(
This is where kevlar jumps in and makes us all cry inside haha :D
Exactly the same as this, with full leather interior, heated seats etc
image: VK09KFD
inb4 alexLs mustang
image: qpm93t

from my grannys place i dont live at farm!
image: 2i8hlki

most likely more expensive than the half of the cars posted in this journal :D
ahahahah faggot posting facebook profile bpic ahahahaha :D:XD;dx;D:d

eat grass really
he asked to post my daily ride and so I did, how is it related that I have this picture as my facebook pic
lol y u serious
I am serious, how come you think I am not :0
batavus retro :D!
Atm I'm still driving my Mitsubishi Colt CAO although I'm also sharing a Mercedes C320 with my brother.
Renault Kangoo pwns all of the above
This exact bus to get to college
image: 10

image: 217326_10150161529636891_660051890_7117407_4468158_n

Project car + works van :ppp
image: 226411_10150161532836891_660051890_7117419_1982126_n
Haha that car :D
Sorry, I think that car is funny.
Do you even know what it is and the legendary status it gives, not including my penis extension from it?????
close to this

image: renault-megane%20(5)
same as coupe ;)
VW Passat B5 caravan
my Fiat Stilo Abarth Selespeed <3

image: IMAG0071
image: IMAG0061
image: IMAG0058
Yeah boiiiiiiiiiii, better upgrade now :P Nice to see some decent photos of it too : )
those are some "old" pictures.. already changed some minor things (nothing really big tho :P ). However, first i have to fix my engine (or propably my clutch/gearboy since i cant belive anymore that its something engine related)..

after that i will maybe get some other cam shaft (~1200€ :S) and some ECU-remapping / chipping.

when everything is working fine i will finally remove the middle-exhaust and do some video/soundfile & new pictures :P
Shouldn't you be doing some of your breathable mods (exhaust etc) first before new camshaft etc :PP? Cheaper to begin with! But ya quite like this car, still need to lower it maybe 30mm though!
its already lowered alot :D i touch the floor too often with my exhaust :S

got already KW coilovers (adjustable suspension) , ragazzon duplex exhaust (altough it kinda sucks when it comes to performance improvment... but well.. our laws & stuff suck so i dont have many options :S ) and i will remove the middle exhaust

the stock manifold is already pretty good and from what i´m reading in forums, there isnt anything better avi (i have seen some supersprint manifold but its already out of stock for ages.. propably because the stock manifold is just fine).

so the outlet is quite fine (i cant rly de-cat in austria with that car ;D). Cant do much about the incomming air.. there is seriously no place inside the "engine bay".. there are some people who bought open filters and they made a whole next to the wheel.. so when you look at the rims you can see the open filter :D thats the only real solution. In any case, everyone keeps saying that the stilo abarth gets more than enough air when stock.. so its not really needed to improve/change something there aswell.

Novitec made s a compressor kit.. but its not for sale anymore too :(

@edit: could lower it more at the front.. the back is at its limit already (but you cant rly see it on those pictures)
Ah yeah, your laws on modified cars :Ddd Would die :(
Front just looked quite raised up/room for lowering it from that photo ofc. Had 40mm lowering springs w/ bump stops cut on the 200sx and the old exhaust was flat on the bottom literally :D they didn't mount it well and every bump here it just kept scraping, which is why I spent £500 on custom exhaust straight through pipe ~ 3inch diameter ^^

imo, you should go for

i paid 800€ for thaat ragazzon exhaust (only the end exhaust) -.-

and a turbo kit would cost ~ 8000-10000€ :D wont invest so much money.. if i safe 10.k € + sell my abarth for 8k € i will get a nice honda s2k ;D

and ye maybe i will lower my abarth at the front a bit :)
looks like cayen (porshce) at back )

image: z62efe3a9

image: z93583139
golf 4
i've got my 18th birthday in october so i'm going to get driving licence. My rich uncle has got image: volvo-xc60-26-10-07, but he's looking for something new, probably image: 1627121173. He hasn't any children so he will probably sell give me Volvo as present for my 18th birthday :)

actually go to school by image: Obraz%20024
For a 'rich' person he sure has a shit taste in vehicles :DD
Volvo drived a few times on country roads and its comfortable and great vehicle, but BMW i will test probably in november when he will visit me :)
gonna throw up..
fuck that BMW... that Volvo XC60 make me wanna blow my load
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