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How do I shot hs?
how to shot headshots like jakazc did on grush?

play that map every day for 8 years
sungi still browsing cf for everyday 8 hours

+1 about the actual comment tho
Where should I be at 23 o' clock before my test, out partying? :D
Post it on there, not here we wont answer here!
what was that hs ?
he killed 4(?) guys with headshots (mainly with colt afaik) in crucial phase of grush attack
yeah saw that, was really nice
don't even know how to do :p
gimme the software rather !
gtv link + time!
anderson's 3 or 4 man kill was nicer on bank defence imo :P
Quote by Gunny
Thu 2nd Jun 2011 - 10:04pm
why do you have such low splatter ladder rating?

How can I get a good Rating?: You must simply play against other players with higher rating, and score better PPM than would be expected. For example: If the average player rating of the session is 12.00 and the average PPM is 8, if your rating is also 12.00 you must score over 8 PPM to earn a positive evaluation. However if you have a rating of 24.00 in that same session, you will need to earn at least 16 PPM to earn a positive evaluation.
why do you have such low track base rating?
why senji hate/didnt like kot?
How big is your willy :')?
are you nerds?
Czemu jestescie tak rzadcy i malo medialni ? :(
fancy seeing you here on crossfire
do not want. queens website has more hits.....
Thu 2nd Jun 2011 - 10:50pm
Why cant i join as a rifle since im better than Night.´

explain plz..........

Vaiko Vainola
Thu 2nd Jun 2011 - 11:01pm
that's life

you dear sir, got rolled!!!
nice initiative
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