England worldcup bribes

Always knew England were too shit to win a worldcup the legal way!


Quote4) Karl-Heinz Schnellinger (West Germany) vs Uruguay - 1966

The South Americans were thumped 4-0 by the eventual finalists, but study this game a little closer and you will see a match filled with huge controversy. Uruguay had dominated the early part of the game and would have taken the lead but for a flying save from Germany defender Schnellinger, who literally clawed the ball out of the top corner with his hands. Incredibly, English referee Jim Finney waved play on.

The Germans went ahead through Helmut Haller and the game was delicately poised before Finney controversially sent off two Uruguayans in the second half. West Germany scored three times late on for a flattering scoreline. After the match, there were mass conspiracy calls. Back in South America, it was pointed out that the referee in the Uruguay game was English, while the official in England’s equally controversial quarter final against Argentina was German. The events surrounding the refereeing draw for these two games added further suspicions.

The representatives of Argentina, Uruguay, Spain and the Soviet Union were invited to a London hotel for the draw. They arrived on time, but found out that the draw had already been made without them, with the only witnesses being FIFA's English president Stanley Rous, a German representative, and a couple of Africans.
What an absolute load of tosh.

If you want to see bribery in action, check out Fifa.
QuoteEnglish referee Jim Finney

QuoteFIFA's English president Stanley Rous

English FIFA president, English referee, English host.

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Quoteand a couple of Africans.

blame those
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