Couleur Cafe 2011!


I don't think many people know this festival in Brussels (Belgium), but it was _AWESOME_. Great atmosphere, happy people everywhere, nice music, great food!
First day the weather was average, Patrice and Ziggy Marley were great!
The second day the weather was pretty bad (rain and shit), but Tiken Jah Fakoly made us forget about that, he's a legend :)
The last day the weather was amazing, close to 30 degrees, lots of hot girls and great concerts (Especially Alborosie and Dub Incorporation).

Here are all the bands (spread out over 3 days):
image: couleurc

Any1 else was there?

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Single fucks, were not given.
been to duc inc concert , was awesome , gonna see alborosie @ live : 1st july :)
must have been aweosme :$
tiken jah is pretty nice
Looks awesome, its during Werchter though >:
is er nog alty plaats in die zak van jou? :)
altijd he :)
Janelle Monaé is the only one I know.

Dj Shadow sounds like a f'kin jaymodder amongst other DJ's.
looked nice, but couldn't go :)

dour in 2 weeks
I was at the rock-a-field on sunday! :(
oo bad, i wish i could have gone to this one on saturday, it looked so fucking epic.
good prog !
Was there on Sunday, music is not my thing (still enjoyed it though)
I just went for the atmosphere and the food
I like your taste :)
Didn't you see SOJA, or weren't they that good there? And how is Ziggi live? Only saw him once performing one song with Ce'Cile..
I saw SOJA, was epic, just forgot about them

I expected more from Ziggi, his music is great, but he isn't the best performer. Patrice is an amazing performer, and he was before Ziggi, so we all were in a party mood and then Ziggi game with his extreme chill music :) Pretty big contrast.
Was still good though.
Ah, ye..Ziggi could imo be (more) awesome though, if he performed more like Damian Marley or Collie Buddz..(has some really good tunes, but listening to a whole album of him, and apparently also a live-performnace, gets too boring)
Patrice is just great, no matter if acoustic session or huge party-band :3
Damian is the best :)
Nice :) Method man & Redman :)
I didnt under SHIT what they were singing, sounded nice tho :) Untill 3:50 :x
I was there yesterday, fucking awesome. Hocus pocus, keny arkana were awesome, and dub inc even more awesome. Expected a better show from Alborosie, but it was nice too. Did you see that nigga being hit by 3 people in the end ?
spent all the time between the shows dancing in front of the raggaravane xD
Ziggy Marley!
Also saw him at "Taratata" last week. Omg omg omg omg omg this men!
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