Arma II (.de)

Gungy and me need 2 players for Arma II + addon Operation Arrowhead (both together only 29€ on steam atm) story co-op. Germans are prefered cuz of coms ofc :-)

PM if you are interested!

image: armaii-new-shots-ii_1_5520image: military-zones-on-chernarus-4_1_5436image: Armed-Assault-2-img1

image: 8e6579dc0f1838a1d8b441a9a67b8786
fake boobies
pretty awesome realistic shooter if you ask me

boring to play alone
no killstreaks, no game
is it finally playable?
a "sim fan" friend of my was so disappoint after release.
oh and also: isnt everything but the story mode free2play by now?
as i would say its pretty playable but fucking difficult (realistic)

The Multiplayer will be Free2play soon as far as i know yeah. But its the 29€ pretty much worthy :-)
ill admit im rather shitty at realistic shooters as i usually am the one to pick up the shortest weapon availiable and charge in first screaming "bring it on camper bitches".
friend plays, hes in [13.] so maybe ask there (its mainly a german clan)
everything in game looks very realistic
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