Hello from Vietnam

Hello, finally got a morning where the internet was working and I hadnt got a whole lot to do.
Amazing country.. going to Sapa by night train on sunday to start trekking cant wait for that although i've been bitten alive by mossies could do without that :))

Anything exciting happen in the last 2 weeks?

Hello to Pandarr tacerr seb MineCraft Boy and suiy!!
hiya ETNiES! have a good time! AND STOP NERDING ON CF WHILE YOU'RE ON VACATION. thats what you said to me :P

and dont get aids from them vietnamese hoes, frand!
Vietnam? Awesome.
Nais. Panda is broken atm, not even sure if he can type. Learn to bicycle or smth :)
Come to irc, /q Thoww

Wont post it here :)
ching chang chung
heyaaaaaaaaaaaa ;) make a lot of pics. .pls.

i want to have hols 2 :((

btw panda broke his arm. and he cannot type. pics on fb :DDDDDDDD
hii can type but only little atm with 2 fingers -.- sucks xD + 2 wrists broked so no goodddd


sup gerbels, hope you're having fun out there, and stop keeping all them ladyboys to yourself :Ppp
gooooooooooood moooooorniiing viieetnaaaaaaaaaaaaam
etnies :) not much happened here man, went to lan to spec noob dave, and powner carlos. Got holidays since this monday <3 not going away until end of august, then i'm going to cuba. Gonna try to get some work in the meantime. Have fun out there :) never been to vietnam but it's probably very nice (like laos and thailand) HF and bring your pliers so if you step on a mine you can defuse it :D
vietnam is nice for sex :D:D:D:D:D
i am 12 and what is that?
sex = process that make u real between a woman and a man
nothing for u. it is bad mkay and usual only married will do it and u need to shut down the light!!!!!!!!!!!! :OOOO
you want to marry me then?? i'm curious

i dont want to marry cause im rly afraid of having SEX ;o
i'll be gentle :O
:o What are you doing over there?
who is this minecraft boy you speak of? :D
everyone in u|k plays it now

have a nice time dawg <3
almost everyone, you would convert me too if i had money ;(
ho chi minh city aiight
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