Good morning crossfellas,

TONIGHT Skrillex will perform in Barcelona, he's fucking awesome!

His most famous song u probably heard about:


His Dubstep & Electro skills <3

what u doin' tonite?
Hello shev, i will go out tonight. bye
good shit man
The first one was actually pretty good..
but then suddenly the vocals.
I wonder if there's any music that's otherwise like this (I have no idea of what genre this is) but doesn't have the vocals in it. I actually kinda like this kind of electronic music playing on the background when doing stuff on the computer, but I don't know of any such artists. Every song I've seen on Crossfire is always ruined by vocals.
imo electro should be w/o vocals BUT there are some rare tracks which are awesome with vocals in :)


love her voice :x
imo vocals can be used in electro as long as its not source of the main melody.
it should be of equal value with any other sources of the melody.
kaskade is very good with vocals.
Hey, these are actually pretty good, although I have to admit that I smirked a bit at all the fucks in the first song, but yeah. Thanks for the links.
Kill everybody > *

(wich was just jumping on on my itunes when i opened cf and saw the journal title, scary!)
gonna see skrillex at helsinki o/
hope u enjoy then!
<3 skrillexxxxxxx
You should add "in my opinion" in your comment, dont you think? :) Everyone has its own opinion, music taste is just an opinion.
skrillex is decent, seeing him soon.. not a big dubstep lover but his stuff is decent
Not really a skrillex fan, although i do enjoy
Skrillex is a fucking sellout faggot
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