QuakeCon QL tourney

24 players will be entering the Group Stage of the QC11 Duel Masters, 16 of which will advance to the Playoffs. Of our 6 groups of 4, the top 2 competitors from each group secure their place in the Playoff Bracket.

Of the twelve remaining competitors 4 players will be chosen, not by stats, not by the admins, nor by random choice -- 4 players will be chosen by the community via Facebook. Our "Community Choice Award Poll" will become available shortly after Group Stages conclude at 00:30 CEST, 5 August 2011.

Cast your vote for your favorite player, someone who impressed you despite losing groups, a fan favorite top seed that fell in an upset, your friend. If you are one of these twelve players, feel free to use the polling time to drum up support and encourage others to vote your way to the Playoffs.

Unconventional for tournaments? Yes. Gimmicky, sure. But we hope that allowing the community to have some say in who gets to compete all while generating more gameplay in the Playoffs can only be a positive thing.

We hope everyone has an opportunity to follow the streams, and come time cast their vote.

Link: http://www.esreality.com/?a=post&id=2122742

TLDR: 4 players will progress onto playoffs not because they owned, but because they got the most facebook votes :D

discuss XD
Finally my time to shine
Stop loosing already!
Leaving on tuesday to catch my plane. Ready to rape some face.
brb voting u into playoffs :D
sounds awesome. 3-6 in a group are trash anyway and deserve no chances to be in actual playoffs, but i guess they though different...
aim of this competition isnt to announce the best aimer/player. quakecon just tries to get as many "likes" as possible because then they have a bigger database for advertisment -> money
wow really? I really thought they searched for the best player and it had nothing to do with advertisement :}D
you thought wrong :}D
You just get trolled :€D
i got trolled or you got trolled ?

I troll you rightnow :€D
should be that way @ et, saiko would participate any highskilled tournement
this is probably the most retarded move after S2 new patch, fuck quake aswell
good old times when ET was still played on Quakecon :<
pretty nice tbh
No one vote pls!
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