HoN is dead

Fucking free to play players getting into every verified game i have. I'm banned from the HoN forums so i can't rage them but this shit is fucked! I'm a legacy account...SO FUCKING WHAT. EARLY BUY? WHO FUCKING WANTS A LOL RIP OFF. MONEY GRABBING CUNTS It means shit!!! Fucking s2 cunt fuck shit wanker fuck. Everygame full of fucking retard cunts. RIP HoN

What could be worse for a game than to get a fresh injection of players? I feel for you.
cause a drastic and sudden increase in players always has an effect on the game?
The day ET becomes free to play and attracts new players it is going to die too i'm afraid!!
cant handle it? :XD
i dont get it
It's really easy. S2 made their game free to play and as such they're money grabbing vaginas.
nice :p
some more love <3
So much love coming my way, I'll regret the day I have to delete another one of your comments. :/
hihi i will do my best so you wont have to delete comments anymore (a)
Haven't seen any f2p yet.
It's bugged?
dont forget it was totally free for a long time
He's just getting raged by F2P newbies, otherwise he'd welcome all the cannon fodder to up his rating.
yeh, I mean if you are playing anything below 2000 MMR you are either a noob or a f2p newbie :)
>implying some of the best players in HoN are "either a noob or a f2p newbie"

image: dev
Haven't seen any f2p in my 1900 MMR games.
Its a good update, hon was dieing already.
LoL took over since HoN became p2p, this is a good way to get new players into the game.
I'm afraid its kinda too late to compete with LoL, they should have made it f2p a long time ago.
Ur just mad cuz u cant carry a game with & against new players :)
That's why I am playing HoN only with friends, or just dota games @ dotalicious
Haven't seen any F2P in my games either (surprise surprise). Just the occasional retard that says "FINE I'LL STAY POOL" if you decline him mid on (insert melee hard carry).
Melee hard jungle carry pool play devourer?
Forehead smash em.
nice w:l ratio, you suck more at hon than at LoL
this wouldnt be a problem if you had over 1500 mmr

oh wait
They saw they couldn't compete with LoL player rates so they decided to do the same.

Haven't seen any f2p in my games either.
Only thing I don't like about this F2P is the starting of 1.5k, they should start @ 1k or something...
But then again dragging my troll f2p account to 1611 for lols already. :")
Nerds mad :_D
i play LoL and i dont hate HoN
but i have the feeling that HoN players are most LoL haters
they jelly
Heroes of newerth is death
Did it go free because it was dieing or something? Im not really into LoL etc I dont even understand it I guess ill give HON a go if its free!
QuoteI guess ill give HON a go if its free!

there is your answer as to why S2 did it
heres ur awnser to why s2 did it
image: s2
i think you are missing the point...
if S2 expected to take over the market from a F2P mass-advertised game they are quite stupid.
and ofc the activity drops after a very long beta phase in which everyone could pretty much obtain as many keys as they wanted.
they are not expecting to take over the market
its way to late for that now, they need to get some more ppl playing
since they will lose another huge part of players when dota2 comes out
also, that there is website visitors, not accounts or smthin like that
they wanted more players & it might pay off
xfire shows more ppl playing again :) http://www.xfire.com/games/hon/Heroes_of_Newerth/
it sucks so np
What I find especially funny to observe is all the nerds posting: "hahah they want to be like LoL" when that is actually the reason that HoN players argue their game was raped.
HoN more like LoL now -> HoN worse now
great thinking there chaps
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