King of aesthetics died

(no homo)
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For the unaware, Zyzz was a WoW player who went from major geek to aesthetic god over the course of 2 years. He is inspiration to tens of thousands of people. He went from 120lb's to simply shredded, becoming one of the most popular Aussies.
Known for flexing and saying "come at me brah"

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Zyzz is suspected to have suffered a myocardial infarction while in a sauna in Thaliand.

Troll or no troll?
His facebook page has R.I.P spammed.
Members of his family have confirmed that he is clinically dead.

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he looks rather gay.
Because being an "aesthetic god" is the highest obtainable by a mere mortal.
Being "pretty" does beat being "ugly" generally.
Yeah, I guess it does in your world.
is it different in any other world?

Aren't aesthetics a general value in society? Not just in our Western one but in every one I know of? Whether it's about design (architecture, clothing, websites, art, etc.) or about people, people prefer beautiful things. There's nothing wrong with that I think.

To get back to your first comment, no, aesthetics are not the highest thing achievable by men, but it would be naive, and in my opinion odd, to deny that people generally prefer seeing some who's 'simply shredded' over a some who's a 'major 120lb geek'.
Does it make his death any more important?
Hmm, that's an interesting question :P

I suppose it's the story of 'geek to stud' that makes his death interesting or important. I don't think him being ripped in itself makes his death more tragic or important than if he were overweight. He became famous because of the transition, so if he had stayed 120lbs (or if he hadn't been in the spotlight) his death would have been received as less important by the public I guess (or completely ignored rather since no one aside from his relatives and friends would know him).
beauty is relative though

If you go to 1600 .. fat was considered to be beautiful (although that had to do with standard as well)
only if you are gay and give a shit about how some other guys looks though LOL
wtf? logic?
True, but being overly muscled isn't universally pretty, its a matter of taste. When I see overly muscled gym gurus It usually means that they have narcissistic or insecure personalities.

R.I.P. anyway, achieving that must have taken lots of dedication and power of will.
his most important muscle wasnt very "aesthetic"
why stealing my name bro :(
nice journal testi...
:D:D:D:D let me troll for once;(
ok fag journal...:)
this is trolling?
how do you know about that
"becoming one of the most popular Aussies" lol'ed typical muzza wanker looks hell familar though probs from a festival
Dnno, but Im pretty jealous of that body
pretty impressive build

no 120lb pics? no story of his hardships while training?
Dying at such an age by myocardial infarction suggests he skipped "the hardships" by injecting and/or consuming certain compounds.
i considered that but i wouldn't want to make the accusation without a bit more knowledge of his story
i highly doubt that u can do the run from a 60kg dude to a superdefinition muscle boi without some "help"
depends on the time period

within 2 years with the right training and nutrition it's still very unlikely that he's clean though ye
In 2 years that transform is not possible.

Fact, not unlikely

Thought u knew better since you always spam these related journals (sorry if i mixed u up with someone)
not for 99% of the population

if you account for the fact that he's young and growing, numbers being skewed for exaggeration, gift of genetics, perfect diet/supplementation, perfect and hard training i guess it's not IMPOSSIBLE

dunno, maybe, can't say i care
See his body -> hear he has build for 2 years from 120lbs wow nerd.

And someone actually believes that hes clean? rofl.
I wouldnt be impressed he admittted to taking steroids many times on to get a body that dosent even look like he took steroids. Easily achievable with a couple of years solid training, you should see him without a mega pump like he has in all the above pics dosent even look that big, hard to believe he was a regular steroid user would expect him to be alot bigger.
what the fuck is myocardial infarction
in short, a heart attack
too much steroids!
too much bol made him ragequit life!! 2 bad! :D
I heard he is dead...

Dead ugly.
looks a bit like strenx imo
ahahaah i didnt even notice him at first but then :DDDDDDDDDDD
michelangelo will be proud
another steroid faggot bites the dust :)))
taking products is safe.
No steroids, clean guy for sure.
alexL of WoW
RIP I guess ;_;
If he needed roids for that condition I feel sorry for him.

E: If this is him I feel even more sorry

What a stupid sandnigger, like a muscular version of Kamz.
Akin AmmattiMaiset Kommentit.
my idol <3
you can see on his tatoos that he have used roids and is in a gang
knowing the misc section at its a troll, his fb was hacked before.
He was a down to earth guy, I can tell you for a wow player you dont see that very often. Its scary to think I'm in a similar postion. Steriods or not to die at such a young age is truely tragic.
why should i give a shit if some steroid boy is dying?
because he was famous on lots of e-fit communities .... he even made a /fit/ bible and sold the pdf for 50$ per dl :D
soz 2nd pic post.
before&after :D
Looks like Bangkok has him now..
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