Do you like?

Do you like the following maps or not (+why)

1) Pirates_b4
2) Tounine_b2
3) Missile_b3
4) Sw_Battery_te
5) Sw_Oasis_te

Would you like to play them more (often) in ODC's?

Give me your thoughts ;F

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No :

1) Pirates_b4
2) Tounine_b2


3) Missile_b3
4) Sw_Battery_te
5) Sw_Oasis_te
6) Erdenberg_b2
pirates yes
missile yes
erdenberg yes
-pirates b4 is fun although a bit of a cluster fuck

- tounine_b2 never played

- missile_b3 is fun although it should be possible to plant at the gate instead of gate controls at first stage

-Sw_Battery is fun

- Sw_Oasis_te ( the new version scripted by perlo is fun)
1) Pirates_b4 - no because it's not supply
2) Tounine_b2 - no because it's not supply
3) Missile_b3 - no because it's not supply
4) Sw_Battery_te - no because it's not suply
5) Sw_Oasis_te - no because it's not supply
6)Erdenberg_b2 - no because it's not supply

just add winter supplydepot to the rotation, new textures to liven it up but still the same map everybody loves, it cant lose
Made me laugh for some reason
comment of the year.

supply is perfect and best et map ever!!!!!
I hope you're kidding... next time you're on vent I'll abuse you... verbally...
I wasn't kidding tbh :D It's my preferred map, although i'm not weird person, i enjoy everything (except bremen and tc_base!!! can't stand this maps) ;)

A good match needs supply and gr!

<3 ? :D
hola loco ;DD
hola chica, tudo bien? ~:D
claro que si ^^ solamente no quiero estudiar - muy aburrido
enjoy the holidays then :D My uni starts day 19 only, no problem!
tengo que estudiar para los examenes oral que tendra lunes y martes - no muchos vacaciones -.-
uni tambien va a empezar 19. sept para mi haha
spanish sucks, i can understand but write is another thing xD

And i didn't need to do any exams this year muahah, completely free for few months :>
great life^^
will be the same for me next year :DD
not a great life.. i had to study alot to get good results to avoid the exams, success \o/
hehe ;) well done then!
i will just have one big exam at the end of the year (sept 2012) ='D
pirates maybe
tounine no
missile hell no
battery nah, its ruined bigtime :X
oasis dno too old and boring but if you must add something add this
erdenburg no
love missile
no for all
2 words;

perfect booooooobs .
battery is probably my most loved oldschool map, i think its soo cool because it has such a huge "thrilling" factor and also a little bit of all or nothing atmosphere <3
i dont really know why people dont like it (yes it has some luck factor, but #care, its about fun)
i play all of them, fuck faggots who hating on new map
Battery was best map when it was played, didn't mind whether it was orginal version or te. Missing it!

Oasis is quite okay, but there should be one spawnpoint for allies nearby guns and don't have to run from that fucking city every time.
i like rtcw maps for et and playing 6on6 :)
All this maps are good but i didn't played and didn't saw 2)nd and imo it can be smth fresh in et so make more odcs and add this maps to ladders :P
1) Pirates_b4 yes
2) Tounine_b2 dunno
4) Sw_Battery_te not bad
5) Sw_Oasis_te not bad
6)Erdenberg_b2 not bad, but for 6on6 ?...
1) Shit camp map
2) looks nice
3) funfun
4) sniping!
5) best rifle map ever is the normal oasis so change it to that.
how come i know only 2 of these maps? was my break from et really so long?
tounine SUX
but tounine?!?
only cus of u im nerd.
hot nerd*, could say the same about you :P
could somebody share download links for tounine and pirates...
join BIO - dl Pirates
can't, I get disconnected for unknown reason, when taking too long to download
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