config mx518

jo cf!

I bought a new mouse (mx518) yesterday and I'm looking for some good configs from players who play with that mouse.
I prefer a low quality config because my pc is quite fucked up.

You can msg me here or at #team-limbo


E: not only because of the new mouse, also need of change
christ people over complicate shit
jesus why people are so fucked up
since when u need new config jus cus u got mx518? -.-
my profile (no joke)
my profile

also no joke
try to find a good sensi and use ur old config ....
my profil, cfg & dpi, sens etc
gezEta config
I play with it and without driver, the feeling is great.
Just take a long run-up and ram the fucking wall.
Make your own config according to your pc settings, since you consider it to be ''shit''.
Also, test your mouse (on a pub maybe) to see what's the sens etc.. that best suits you.
That's what I did.
800 dpi
seta sensitivity "1.4" /// stary sens 2.1
seta m_pitch "0.019"
Why people are buying mx518 when they could buy G400.

I think that people don't know about G400 came out:s
G400 is called: the new mx518...
Yea. Dunno why they still buy mx518s.
alot of store still only sell mx518 and not g400 when i check 1 month ago maybe its changed now but still.
G400 is still new product yes but you should find one in some shop.
It has higher DPI and default 1000hz polling rate and it only costs 4 euros more than MX518.

Also MX518 production have been stopped so in upcoming years you won't get new mouse from warranty if you broke it.
Depends where u buy it i have seen mx518 for 20-30 euro's and g400 40 euro's

Warrenty: i dont know because logitech always had good warrenty for me. but i always go to store where i bought it. i always buy at one store if i buy something (dynabyte) when something broke they always replace it and i have 2 years warrenty.
Yea, 34€ for mx518 and 39€ for G400 here in Finland.

About warranty. Of course shop you are byuing things from will replace your old product if it is damaged. But lets say, you bought mx518, wait for a 2 and half years, it brokes and since Logitech have stopped producing them 2 years ago the shop you bought that mx518 from can't get you new mx518 because the importer can't send any of those to the shop you bought it from.

That story happened also to me. I bought my headset from Verkkokauppa (Finish store) and it broke and I noticed that Verkkokauppa didn't sell any of headsets anymore. So I picked up a phone and asked about them and they just said that they can't replace it because importer doesn't have any of those because production of those headsets had stopped. Then I sent e-mail to manufacter about the situation and very luckily I got one headset from them because they still had some of those in their supply. That's only because they had stopped producing those headsets just weeks before my headset broke and they had still some pairs there, if it would have been like 2 years from when production stopped, there would have been no pairs to replace my old broken ones.

Hopefully you understood:D
Warrenty on a mouse isnt 2 years anyway ;)
The shop gives me 2 years warrenty lol.
Warranty for Logitech products are 3 years.
Oh cool, but too bad my mouse was 6 years :XD
G400 <333 Loved it since I plugged it in!
/q Scarzy
Hong Kongfirzen :)
you mean "new mouse"
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