Line of sight in life

So I caught myself in thinking,

I was smoking on my balcony and I though I'm seeing two cars even one car is actually driving past my house.

The point; I dont have any.

I'm moving to a new town with my girlfriend because of school and I thought, how many crossfire users have moved to a whole new city and left all they knew behind? Actually where can you picture yourself in 5 years or so?

Give me so ideas and perhaps you can inspire me for some future effords.

Fags and morons, stay away!
Dont correct my spelling. Please.
Moved from lapland to big city (xD), school & army -thingies = instant buddies everywhere.

Where are you moving to? If to Oulu, you got friends immediately.
To Jyväskylä from close to Helsinki. 230* km about.
Jyväskylä is bad choice, 14.8% unemployment.
aToon.sight ?
nope, havent seen him...
i moved a lot but never more then ~30min away from my friends :)
dont want to live w/o family&friends.

movin to: dunno big plan is a bar in spain or somewhere spanish speakin country
(not in 6years) would be great to take my friends with me :)
Winghaven sees where this is going!
Well, i don't want to leave anything behind because i simply love the way things are.
My life without my house/parents/friends doesn't make any sense. I'm a person of habits ^^

I can picture myself exactly the same in 5 years, except that i might be working already and i might have finished the master degree.
did move some times. 06 from ger to stocholm, 09 back to ger near my hometown, so had my old friends again for 2 yrs

now 2 month ago i moved to berlin, which is 650km from "home", but since my parents live here for 1 year now, and my best friend from sweden (tites) lives here, and some other good mates i know from et live here, its not a big problem for me!
aha aha in was fuerner szene haengt ihr rum in bln? :)
haha wieso szene?

tites kenn ich länger als ich et spiele

und dann halt noch ein paar weitere mit denen ich spiele seit ich et kenne

da ich noch nich angefangen hab zu arbeiten kenn ich halt noch net so viele leute in berlin.
ich meinte net die et szene sondern welche szene in bln (kreuzberg, mitte, prenzl berg, schöneberg, spandau?! ) :DD

als was willst du arbeiten? jetzt wo sich der sommer dem ende neigt wird es auch schwieriger imo aber wenn man arbeitet/studiert gehts imma :)
na dann gehts ja :D

naja szene, ich glaub beim letzten mal warn wir im "icon club" hat der kerl gespielt, von kernkraft 400, so zombie nation, ich denk das sagt dir was.

aber ich kenn mich hier kaum aus, deshalb verlass ich mich auf die andern :D

ich fang am 1.10 ne ausbildung zum diplom-finanzwirt an beim senat für finanzen.

ich hab schon ein paar leute gesehn als ich mir die fh angeschaut habe.

man wird sehn ;)
In 5 years I can picture myself wasting time and being completely hikikomorized in Tampere or Helsinki or whichever university city life takes me to. And I don't even want to live in a large city, there are too many people around there. Can't help it, though, there's no future for me in this 7000 inhabitant town. Or actually 20000 since this shithole merged with a bit larger town a couple of years ago, but that makes hardly any difference.
problem i berlin or a bigger city. its so anonym hard to meet new ppl
i live like 10min away from berlin. we have around 20k ppl here in village"" so i can decide if i want party highlife or just not :p
what? its so much easier to meet new people/friends in a bigger city.
to stay with them and become close friends is hard. not meeting new ppl :o
since college started 2 years ago, been living in the city alone, 80 km from my awesome village.

in 5 years?? hmmm.... just hope I'll make it alive and well till then
I am 20 right now, and I don't want to live with my parents when I'll be 25. Tho it's gonna be very very hard, since we are talking about Hungary.
I want an own flat or even a family house, which is mine completely.
I wanna move from germany to usa in around 6years :)
Dead within 5 years
well i moved from Lithuania to Ireland when i was around 13..moved here with my family ofc.Was kinda hard at the start because i didn't speak english language yet and i had left all of my friends behind,that was the hardest part, but after a while just kept getting better and better

In 5years i should have my higher bachelors degree and i will be working by then,hopefully ill have a nice gf and will be living in a separate house from my family :D
jkl students 99% np4u boozze 24/7 drink, smoke n r'n'r
alkolukko crossfireen XD
if all goes well, I will be moving to stockholm within this year.
leaving my friends and family behind, it doesnt really bother me though. I'll keep traveling alot anyway
stockholm for study?

friends went there and never came back. just for hols cause they love sweden a lot :)
no, im going to be staying there.

My best mate owns his own company, ill be working along his side, taking courses as i work, learning swedish as i stay.

Going to rush my drivers license in holland first though :)
Planning to go to stockholm end of this month to check it out a little, work a couple of days and see if i fit. I'm assuming all goes well, since well, he is my homeboy and im pretty amazing in everything i do and all ;)
mitä autoja näit?
Leaving your comfort zone and opening new chapter in life is exciting. You even have a girlfriend with you so just go for it.

In five years? Finally stopped studying at least, otherwise I have no idea and I like it that way. Probably still browsing Xfire.
would be much easier to decide to go to another country if u have someone with u :)
Will be leaving the town I lived in for 8 years next week to study in the city where I was born.

And in 5 years I want to be looking for a job abroad, Vietnam, China, Russia or Argentina.
In 5 years, hoping to have a good job (not necessarily well paid but INTERESTING) but with some free time to play ET (:D) and being close to Paris is mandatory for me.
Last year i moved to brussels, where i study.
That was a bit painfull since i left my friends (and family but.. don't really care :/) behind me. On the other hand, this experience was exciting. And i don't have any regret since i met new awesome guys/girls even if it's still a pleasure to see my old fellows :)

What about my future? I should have stopped studying. I'd like to have a "cool" job (translator or something, i want to work alone in my office. I don't want any pressure!), my flat, a pretty and clever gf, a cute cat, and some friends to go out with.
goes too deep for mee
Moving to another place is good. Changes are good... you will see more and maybe even learn. Moving into another country is even more awesome :).

I hope that in 3-4 years I gonna live in New York.
somewhere with oli in a paradise
half man, half machine, traveling in time to kill john connors
i moved from my hometown to vienna, left almost all my friends behind because i started studying 1 year before them. it can be hard at first because of the anonymity of the big city, but if you join some clubs/studying groups etc. you can easily make a lot of friends.
fyi, vienna is ca. 350km away from my hometown, but i left all my classbooks/pics behind, because honestly i dont really care about them/have them on my HDD anywaY.
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