Clanbase :$

Sorry for the shitty screenshot, hope you still understand it

situation :

2 maps, 2/2, we want to play decider, they want draw,

thats what the admin said :

image: bxif7mrg7wiw3y72d
:DD clownbase strikes

they do not allow me to play today , although i only played ONE qualifier and lost it. ( i wasnt a member after the first game)

5. Match Rules - qualifier matches

A player may only play a qualifier with 1 clan.
Players who played for the winning clan in a qualifier will not be allowed to play for any other team in the cup (EuroCup + OpenCup) during the first 3 match weeks. This rule seeks to discourage players who do not intend to compete with the clan from 'helping' it qualify.
Players who played for the losing clan in a qualifier must first go through the new member procedure (as described in the Clans And Players section) before they can play for another clan.
did u undergo the proccedure ?
strange if you're not allowed and g2p players are allowed to play in their first group game (they played 2 qualifier matches) :)

clanbase admin crew really seems to be on a top form atm!
macht doch sinn oder? mappool ja extra nein -> easy ! ^^
wtf? :D what happend now?
well if you draw againts those guys, they would deserve the win
he was obviously cheating anyways :DDD
thats the spirit
They won vs caej & nsd yesterday, proves what s1LENT says
caej & nsd are unbeatable then?
No but they used to be vewy goot
they're cheating so bad ^^
draw in a match rly..
krä.. hähä!
get a life Christopher
I really appreciate the effort admins put into the work they do, but CB are really doing a poor job lately...
QuoteIn case the game is tied after the first 2 maps, an extra round MUST be played
who wrote that, cannot see the name, a clownbase admin?
Each team will decide on which side to start on the map chosen by opponent.
In case the game is tied after the 2 first maps, an extra round MUST be played on one of the remaining maps from the maplist.
The third map will be selected using the elimination system. The winner of the coinflip eliminates the first map, followed by the other team until one map is left to be played.
When a map is selected, the team which didn't have final pick chooses who attacks first.
Thanks, seem pretty straight forward to me then, it was 2-2 so third map MUST be played :)
the rules state that after 2 maps you must play a decider map but if its still tight after the 3rd map you can take the draw.
or if both teams want draw (:
ye but they didnt want the draw so you have to play it moron
i wasnt there as player but as admin, that "OR" was just example addition to ur post and dont call me moron..!
Welcome to 2004.
I could always see problems with tanchez :|
tanchez doesnt have a brain why the fuck is he still a cb admin?
because he has no brain you already wrote that
take it easy, it's just a game
Quotebut the extra map must be played
it is not a must to play the extra map
just fix your english gross then you understand the rules

image: 50
It was cup match or ladder?
third map is a must, what's the problem mate? :D
ask tanchez, not me:D i knew that, so that was why they called me on the server :)
ah, tancerz again...
it is must to play map from the maplist...

just fix your english gross...

i wonder who is tanch3z to say anything about somebodys english
ok Team why you play draw? :$

gives a shit

as if clownbase was any good at any time loL
lol CB having really hard time lately

hint:talk with szczurek/taamje only
i facepalmed like 3 times, real...
They need you, obviously.

I laughed so hard Garypal, thanks

made my day
Tanchez = who? Never heard of this person before in my life, at least not under that nick.
aka tAnchez
CB Admin, nothing more !
well that guy's always been a massive retard
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