LoL low elo #2

reached 1419 today, soon 1500 then 1600 and then 1800+ yo

image: lowelo2
could have played this game 5v2 with my supporter duo mate <3
247cs 30th min. you jelly low elo fags?

random 1700 duo q
image: 1700s

easy to carry yourself in east, go west, go pro.

1412 is still elo hell, only 1600 is safe.
good, east is like real scum atm.
4/5 ashe real pro
also 250cs in 30 mins while you're the only one farming. tr00 hero
12 kills, i was only farming
edit: 4/5 ye, you dont know how overfarmed and fed the enemies were ...
250 cs in 30 mins while YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE FARMING, your team had 100cs
Obviously he'll have to be the only one farming to pull that off, it's simply not even theoretically possible to have 5x300 creepscore at 30min.

However, it's elohell so teammates that can farm are rare.
seen many people who can farm, all are just too dumb to know what to do in fights
ye and maus joined edified lol team
what? who? maus just did +100 elo today with talon/akali
hes in my edified gayming team
I have only 1k elo :( still playing with idiots... not calling myself pro but much better than most of players at this elo :/
lol no wonder u won, look at the team compositions + taric and carry :)
1700? when you get to 2500+ you're half decent :)
rank 1 got 2k atm l0l
lol just trolling you, don't know anything about lol :D
sure u dont sh1tty aka hotshotgg
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