Cool day

So, went to school, ruined my math test, and went home. Then I noticed I needed to shit, so I went to the toilet. When I was done, I noticed I pooped in the shape of a starfish, so I was kinda excited.

Hows your day?
chocolate starfish
My "my day" journal is way better than this one
i started to listen that's made my day happy np :)
If that made your day, then what does this entire set do to you? It should 'make your life', imo.
cause the phone wokes me up and talked to my upcoming boss and i was fucking tired, then i listen to that song and then i was rdy to roll the day :D
went to university at 12 clock to economicenglish. Later i went to the Mensa and ate some nice fries + Chicken :>

now waiting until 16 clock when next lesson starts ;(
Know that feel.. Luckily i only had to wait for 2 hrs today but you have plenty of time to study uni related things :-)
naah prefer browsing facebook and crossfire :D
I've been awake and wasted for the last 48 hours, scored some nice chick, sup.
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