Football Jersey Choices

So if you could choose for the following (or other) Football clubs, which player would you like on the back of the shirt

Spain Barcelona - Spain Villa
Spain Madrid - Argentina Higuain
Spain Valencia - Spain Canales
Spain Atlethico - Spain Reyes
United Kingdom Man City - Spain Silva
United Kingdom Man Utd - United Kingdom Rooney
United Kingdom Chelsea - Spain Torres
United Kingdom Arsenal - United Kingdom Wilshere
United Kingdom Liverpool - Uruguay Suarez
Italy Juventus - Netherlands Elia
Italy Milan - Brazil Silva
Italy Inter - Netherlands Sneijder
Italy Napoli - Uruguay Cavani
Germany Bayern - Netherlands Robben
Germany Borussia - Germany Götze
Germany Werder - Germany Marin
Germany Schalke - Spain Raul
Netherlands Ajax - Denmark Eriksen
Netherlands PSV - Netherlands Wijnaldum
Netherlands Feyenoord - Sweden Guidetti
Netherlands Twente - Netherlands De Jong
France PSG - Argentina Pastore
France Lyon - France Gourcuff
France Lille - Belgium Hazard
France Marseille - [flag=Ghana] Ayew
This is a pretty silly journal.
none of those lol
This journal is pretty silly.
This willy is a pretty journal
how come you chose to put a british flag for those english teams?
so u wna tell me theyre not from the united kingdom?
they're primarily english
only Man City - Silva lol.
dawaj na browar ok 17
Silva such a beast x]
Barcelona - Villa
Madrid - Alonso
Valencia - SOldado
Atlethico - Falcao
Man City - I dont like city
Man Utd - Owen and burn it
Chelsea - Torres and burn it
Arsenal - Van Persie
Liverpool - Gerrard
Juventus - Vucinic
Milan - Silva
Inter - Forlan
Napoli - Lavezzi
Bayern - Robben
Borussia - Barrios
Werder - pizzaro
Schalke - Farfan
Ajax - Sightorsson
Feyenoord -
Twente -
PSG - Lugano
Lyon - Gourcuff
Lille - Hazard
Marseille - Valbuena
QuoteChelsea - Torres and burn it

:D good man.
image: 186168

Uruguay Gary Kagelmacher @ Flanders Beerschot
Barcelona - Messi (I do have)
Madrid - Ronaldo
Valencia - Soldado
Atlethico - Falcao
Man City - Silva
Man Utd - Rooney
Chelsea - D. Luiz
Arsenal - Arshavin
Liverpool - Gerrard
Juventus - Pirlo
Milan - Pato
Inter - Sneijder
Napoli - Lavezzi
Bayern - Robben
Borussia - Götze
Ajax - Erikseni
PSG - Pastore
Lyon - Lizandro
Lille - Hazard
Marseille - Lucho

I have 1 of manchester without name, barça's last year messi 10 Benfica last year cardozo 7 and this year aimar 10. 1993 totthenam's 1992 parma's
Madrid - Ronaldo

shame on u!

for the rest I mostly agree, tho probably Juventus - Matri and Napoli - Cavani
why? I like him :( fantastic player dude
biggest faggot in the football world. and not even close to Messi imo! I'd never ever ever want a jersey of him nor will I ever support a team he plays in
faggot ? why? he is always being hit :S + he fuck a lot hot girls :D
messi is really good, a genious, but ronaldo is more complete.. i would prefer ronaldo instead of messi in benfica tbh
Lots of ex PortugalFC Porto players for a Benfica fan. :'D
its ok. lizandro and lucho are 16/20 and falcao 17/20.. i do like watching football and they were not benfica haters
Old jerseys > new ones.

Still got:

Ajax 1999 away - Laudrup, 10
Juventus 2006 home - Nedved, 11
ManU 2002 home - Keane, 16
Milan 2003 away - Shevchenko, 7

Wish I had: Arsenal Bergkamp and/or Ljunberg and an old Zidane jersey. Also Batistuta on an old Fiorentina would be great :-(

Also got:
ManU 2011 away - Chicarito, 14 (fake!)
England 2006 home - Lampard, 8
1.FC Köln 2008 away - Geromel, 21

and a couple without name/number. They don't count ;->
I've got a Batistuta jersey from Roma! :D
i have one from argentina, but i wanted it from roma :(
They are hard to get and pretty expensive for old shirts. The Bergkamp ones usually sell for over 50 euro. Not even gonna start about really old Zidane shirts. The most expensive are probably the Cantona jerseys. They sell for way over 100 Euro :-D
batistuta was my favourite player :)
jealous at the laudrup one

It's Umbro XXL, so any other brand XL pretty much. However it's slowly getting too big unfortunately. Don't wanna sell it, but also can't really afford just collecting those things. Sucks!
Eat a bit more so you fit in it again?
Well, the Shevchenko one is a bit too small! So it's either fitting into this and the Lampard one nicely, or fitting into the bigger Laudrup and Geromel one. Ah well... :)
Nedved, yeahhhh
I'm really jealous about the Laudrup one aswell! I do have Litmanen, 10!
Boston - Rondo. Got it.
i'd say david villa, BUT since i have that one already i would say wijnaldum

(villa favourite player, psv favourite NL team, and wijnaldum is awesome)
Werder - Marin WTF
just put your own name or your gamers-name on it!
i would take athletico or psg, because they have the nicest jersey ever

what i got:
benfica 20 simao
inter 77 quaresma
espanyol barcelona 23 tamudo

and also some really old ones (with names!) but they dont fit me anymore :'(((
Ik had wilshire shirt gekocht ...
Atlethico - Belgium Courtois
Man City - Belgium Kompany
Man Utd - Belgium De Laet
Arsenal - Belgium Vermaelen
Chelsea - Belgium Lukaku
Bayern - Belgium Van Buyten
Ajax - Belgium Alderweireld
PSV - Belgium Mertens
Lille - Belgium Hazard
Liever Alderweireld dan Vertonghen?
Ja, ken hem persoonlijk :)
GreecePanathinaikos - GreeceNinis
GermanyFrankfurt - NigeriaOkocha
ItalyInter - PortugalQuaresma
It is truly nice to have a shirt of Quaresma with an Inter shirt at this season 2011-2012 because he plays at Besiktas this season ^^

But yeah at any club Quaresma plays he's a beast!
Chelsea: Lampard
I seriously hope that you intend to wear these just to play the sport in, or to matches.

Sports attire has no place in modern day fashion.
i dont own em, its just as a figure of speech
Stop doing that
United Kingdom Man Utd - Giggs or A.Young (bro bought me a Nistelrooy shirt ages ago)
United Kingdom Man City - Nasri or Silva
United Kingdom Arsenal - Ramsey or Walcott
United Kingdom Spurs - Bale (I HAS)
United Kingdom Liverpool - Bellamy (have his old celtic shirt)
Spain Real Madrid - probably Di Maria (have old fake Beckham and Zidane shirts)
Spain Barca - Fabregas(want one!!!)

my most prized posession is a signed Estonia Mart Poom jersey!!! thinking about framing it.
Have the highbury shirt:)
Barcelona - Fabregas
Madrid - Ozil
Valencia - Jordi Alba
Atlethico - Arda Turan
Man City - Nasriiiii
Man Utd - Young
Chelsea - Torres
Arsenal - Walcott
Liverpool - Suarez
Juventus - Elia
Milan - Pato
Inter - Coutinho
Napoli - Hamsik
Bayern - Robben
Borussia - Gotze
Werder - Arnautovic
Schalke - Raul
Ajax - Eriksen
PSV - Jonatan Reis (If he comes back :D)
Feyenoord - El Ahmadi
Twente - Chadli
PSG - Pastore
Lyon - Gourcuff
Lille - Hazard
Marseille - Valbuena
rooney or götze, no doubt.
Borussia - Götze
Suarez - on all jerseys.
Barcelona - none, but if I had to choose then Xavi
Real Madrid - Sergio Ramos (got already)
Valencia - Canales
Atletico - none
ManC - Silva
ManU - none
Chelsea - Mata
Arsenal - maybe RVP
Liverpool - Hyypiä!
Spurs - VDV
Juventus - Del Piero
Milan - none
Inter - Zanetti
Napoli - Cavani
Bayern - Robben
Dortmund - Kagawa/Götze/Barrios, cant decide
Werder - none
Schalke - Raul
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