double forfeit in EC

Queens vs TAG => double noshow

Match result: The Queens and TAG both lost by not showing up

now ET is finally dead :PP
no EC is. over shadowed by BforB
trolled hard
humM3L win game without playing now :XD
gratz you've already reached top3 in 24th edition of EuroCup
ec top3, here we cum :D
new achievement for you mate :D
antho in top3 of EC , cant believe. ET is very dead 2 saisons ago he played OC foxtrot.
Yeah, I agree with you mate, this game is really dead. And thanks to remember me my past bro :)
et was already dead when they switched from 6on6 to 5on5
Jere alias Adolf, ET is not dead. People said in 2006 also ET is dead so
nice argument buddy
according to you, ET will never die
congratulations for winning 24th edition of eurocup Jere
dont wanna win this way, you can take my pocal <3
hopefully this is the last ec, coz its a joke now
oh no, you won't win EC, ET must be dead now
Just the delete the inactive clans.
was waiting for robaciek to post it :(
I am not allowed to post stuff like that :<
Wasn't Tag always some mix team? :o
Who won EC XXIIV?
there is no such thing as EC XXIIV
Queens vs WinFakt => Draw: 0 - 0

nice final :P
sTOWNAGE gonna win EC!
I don't know in what team you play.
same team as stownage :-)
Then you probably are gonna win it indeed.

Congratulations. Flowers are on their way!
hell yeah, flowers from Rhand, gotta love them
Roses for my darling Jere <3
ET is dead when you win the EC :(((((

ET will be dead in 1 month then :)
You mean the competition public will be always active ^^
punga'stownage going to win ec?
oh et is so dead !!!!
davidgay this is ur chance for golden pocalz :)
Seems like it was forced to 7th day, havent heard any talk about it or so, whatever

Ps. any team needs player for EC? I'm known for being a EC winner.
replace me, my mAus is undead =(
jere finally going to win ec?
Is there any prices in this EC ?
Netherlandssaken top3 in EC

image: 3cd8a33a
check looser bracket, stray top4 soon
there ve been times when teams were taking ec kinda serious.
correct me if im wrong but to me (not actively following et anymore) it seems like "heyy lets mix up and play this ec" without any intentions of winning anymore :/
guess that's what you get when you don't schedule your games
I guess that's what you get when you form downsyndrome teams
made me smile :]
yes dQ 5th like in BFB we are all proud on that team !
hummel getting that far in ec, must be lowest ec ever
Kevji's first EC indeed ET is almost dead :/

Was rly nice to meet you at the last crossfire event, nice guy, good face and rly slim!
ach halt die fresse <3
I've been saying this since 2007 but the EC invites are not a good idea. TAG got invited, without even having a lineup. At least qualifiers force teams to become active. This season teams got invited which saw their lineup totally changed. Stop using invites for ET, just have qualifiers. Active teams would actually play, instead of mixes of oldschoolers with no motivation to play.
so f-ing true
I know its true, but nevertheless if theres another EC season they will probably invite teams with big names who once again will never show up.
I was saying that for last 2 years, good teams will prove themselves without problems in qualifiers. But its still sad seeing teams like Regards dolan in EC, which havent played a single match in qualifiers yet they got to main tournament and forfeited all games. Hope CB admins will learn from their mistakes and figure something out for next season, having not so shiny active teams in competition is still much better than allstars lineups without a will to play
You mean same thing as big name teams recruiting only big name players without even giving a shit about their reliability? Which end up with no shows and forfeits?
I saw several times same players playing for 2 teams differents in this EC..
Admins allowed those things in order to "keep the game alive and the competition going on"
Thats totally bullshit when you see the amount of cless players looking for teams..
its not "big names" are searching for "big names" only. At one point, its understandable, some teams have high goals, and for that you need players that are surely capable of performing under pressure.
On the other hand there are a lot of players/teams who just does not want to play with people they dont know (understand it as they didnt play with them before), to have some fun with old mates. Thats actually my case, I dont like to play with ppl I dont know because I just want to have fun and even when I am bad I dont need worry of them judging me because I have already played with them. Thats one reason why I actually told yes to mCon eventhought I am not really thrilled with ET nemore, because I used to play with saken, josh and zmk (<3 pawel), if I was asked by for example b2k or dQ or whatever, I wouldnt hasitate to say no just because I have never played with any of them before.
+1000000000000000 agreed big time
The most rotten Eurocup i have ever seen.

cool game
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