Tzac useless?

Well, im rarely writing journals but some things have to be said.

First of all, what has changed after Tzac/Slac? I still see fucking weirdos and newcomers, owning the shit out of me while having fucked up and bugged tzac ss.

And if i read all those journals and forums i have the feeling, that some new cheats are available if i look at those cless posts and see some old faces :P

Anyways, znArk and his crew ( nothing against you znark, just the fuckfaces you play with ) had so obvious skilldrops, that i feel kinda good having tzac (:

I'm not sure, is it good, is it bad? Why can dumbfucks like outlAw still own the shit out of anyone while using slac/tzac? I don't want to use any more names otherwise i won't make myself much friends :$ but why has every obvious or suspicious player been busted before? But no, they serve their ban, come back, own even more and won't get busted again. I guess thats ET. They come back and everybody whishes them good luck and stuff and most of them are playing in pretty good teams now. Clean? Who knows and i think nobody gives a fuck anymore.

Sorry for sounding mad. But am i the only one who thinks about that? :D

2 long 2 read anyways.
bye <3
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well ya, its pretty sad and im pretty sure that there are cheaters playing with tzac ;)
what polakko s1lent above said.
only felt like playing vs a cheater once or twice since slac tbh, but project is dead now, bb et
outlAw has been busted around 10 times under PB, he's still banned from ESL afaik.
And about TZAC just look at the last bust's date, fucking hilarous, still waiting for his TZAC v2 with new features etc...

where outlAw ? ^^^^^^^
well just got raped by him while tzac being down.

im pretty sure he was clean

A month ago I was playing on NBS #2 (no tzac/no PB) and someone in the other team had ~50hs for ~150 hits (ok it was delivery but still...) so I checked who the fuck he was and guess what :{D too bad he left before I start flaming his fuckface.
outlaw is the only suspicious guy I ever played against with tzac
1 more month and he's going to roll you AGAIN :P
Tzac atleast toke the 'supspect everyone thingy' away and I pb lags and by being an anticheat even w/o doing anything you are preventing a lot of cheaters
chaplja got us where he wants us to be and hes gonna finish it by destroying ET, ahaaaaaaaaaa
Dit slaat nergens op??
I've seen exactly zero clan match cheaters and less than 10 occasions of public cheating (and all were busted) in the last year opposed to the frequencies of ~once in ten matches (including several CB officials, for example against your clanmate Prescott) & half of publics it used to be. You're being either dishonest or blind if you haven't noticed the same trend.
well, the trend i noticed is that nobody makes cheat relating journals/forums whatsoever anymore. my words may sound a bit harsh though.
I think an anticheat has the purpose of decreasing the amount of cheaters, and TZAC has fulfilled just that with ~perfect grades.
Thinking it could ever be absolutely perfect, or even magically stop people who cheated against you pre-TZAC from playing now would be superstition.
They paid chaplja to get SLAC/TZAC proof cheats

outlAw pro player
think about the times in the begining, it was perfect for quite a while afaik

+ also much better than PB, less frequent encounters and barely any problems/lagg
im happy as long as there are people to play with and against
so true +1 gr0ss
People stopped caring. People have never cared. People still don't care. Online reputation is serious business.
sup oxy
how u doing?
Best way to get pro, download cheats, get caught, come back a champion

Numerous of examples can be found
Dunno if oultaw ever been clean since he started ET. But he's so fucking brain damages that it doesn't really hard to win over him. But sometimes that's really annoying to recieve 3hs comming from no where.
tu essayes tellement d'écrire bien en anglais ,mais en vain
t es aussi bon que moi en anglais on dirait :D
J'avoue qu'en relisant ma phrase sa veut rien dire du tout :D la fatigue.. :p
Still outbraining the shit out of ya U MAD?
that's why i rolled you in every fucking wars we played :) damages doesn't matter mongol
You didnt roll me. You rolled my team, there is a difference :-)
gross, du müsstest einfach mal mit mir zocken, dann hättest du auch keine probleme. nicht-obvious cheater sind immer noch schlagbar und zum glück sind praktisch alle brainless und dann ist eh izi :)
i have not played against cheaters in a while tbh
Outlaw is a dumb fuck and low anyway. He cant play any leagues since every year he recieves a new ban =))
outlAw pro player
I think its rather easy to avoid those nonamers if you want. So dont whine after you have agreed to play them in the first place. Its easy to cheat on tzac i guess you should be aware of that already but it doesnt mean tzac is useless.
but its sad when you are messaged by some "known" player and end up playing against him + 2 random cheaters D:
raise your bar
good and known opponents became very rare.. at least considering random 3o3 s
then you should be happy to play those random cheaters, either that or dont play at all.
get owned by braundorf_b4 professionals

speedy bozar
*random merc
was not referring to you but ok
You're welcome bro.
You are not alone gr0ss
There will always be cheaters. At least TZ-AC is taking care of some of them. I'm pretty sure some cheaters will actually reading this journal. I don't really understand them. What fun is there when a bot or hack makes your match up unfair. What reason is there to be proud after a win or a good play?

Let's just hope people grow up and stop cheating, not only for our sake, but also for theirs.
I haven't played against a single cheater after tzac came!

atleast felt that way :p
Same here, I've only recently started playing again.. but all in all there's only been this one rare occasion where I had thought of my opponent having a wallhack and even then they're just as bad as they always were and get outsmarted too easy. :(
I started recently too, but still don't play too much! I'm buying a new pc asap then will start playing a bit more!

what's your irc nick (Oxy?), lets play together sometime!
Oxy it is! You'd know if you hadn't vanished from krea chan! :(
can u pm me the chan + pw of it :o it was cool there! =))
played against outlaw 3 days ago and he was average with tzac. nothing special
Cuz my mx518 was broken and got it back now :D
feel same m8 :) +1
"owning the shit out of me "
cause youre just overrated med-skill O.o
useless? ok i get you, there are still cheaters because nothing is perfect. Things always improve, including the cheats and TZAC itself. You are taking TZAC for granted, PB is the real useless one cause it doesn't update its ET clients anymore.
sungi good newcomer
you clicked my profile, lol!
i think the amount of cheaters on TZAC addon server compared to PB addon servers has been reduced significantly.

Problem with TZAC however is that when it's down(like the last day) everyone starts crying about cheaters again because they play without TZAC. Proves to me that it's not about there being a good anticheat, but more about the placebo effect when not having anticheat on a server?
I wouldn't say it's useless but could be better. I haven't noticed any bust topics since tzac came out and people don't whine in-game anymore (like used to whine about hax,bot etc.) which is a nice thing. The amount of cheaters dramatically dropped down. The only thing I worry about tzac is chaplja, he's so venal (poor coder nerd?)
It's fun to see people whine about outlAw, hes never busted with slac/tzac. I hope everyone is going to enjoy to see outlAw play live again within a month :) I am playing almost 2 years with him almost everyday and no he doesn't cheat we all know that he has a good aim and because of his TJ past he can strafe also very good. Ye he cheated in the past on PB pubs and stuff but things change and you all just can't handle it because hes better than most of you. All i can tell you is that he doesn't give a fuck about you guys the more u whine how better he want to be, HATERS MAKE HIM FAMOUS!
outlAw is not banned like 10 times as provok said. And he never got banned by tzac/slac, pb banned him and pb detects cheat whenever its activated or not, so he could have had cheats from years ago and started playing ET again but that kind of stuff never appeared in those stupid heads of the haters. He just rolls , face the fact. You will see him on ETTV soon when his ban is lifted within a month, enjoy.
hes a massive joke idd, but to be fair, the amount of really suspicious/obvious players has decreased drastically after tzac came out (and for a certain time this game felt completely cheatfree). nevertheless i have to agree on you, that he is not the only suspicious player around nowadays :(
Why doesn't he have a cheater tag by the way?
Cuz I roll and you hatin
Yeah, look at all those EC victories you've got with cheats. Oh wait :D! You jelly cause you can't win no matter what
I dont need it to get a boner :-)
haters make me famo
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