Hello dear community

Over the passed few months, I have had my rights revoked on numerous occasions, mainly by United Kingdom Baggiez and United Kingdom TosspoT. Two people who I have a lot of history with. I ask them why they remove rights so I can improve on my behaviour and actions but they never give me a reason?

How can I learn if I don't get any feedback?

So I ask you, the community, as to what you think I am doing wrong and how you think I should start to act. To me, I am just acting kind of normal you know, a bit of trolling here and there but good times, all fun, no harm done. But how it looks like to you guys?

If I am not doing or saying anything wrong, am I just a victim of unfair and biased adminning? Is this maybe a racial thing? Or is it because they despise the fact that I don't give a shit anymore? :s

So community, I ask you to unite with me. Join the dark(:D) side and let us be one. Let us rebel against our dictators and fight our fears. All for one and one for all.

Kind Regards,
Kamz aka manJ
King of Brink and the Life of ET

Your posting rights have been revoked by Baggiez until 15 Nov 11 for Another week. You don't learn.

Your posting rights have been revoked by TosspoT until 16 Nov 11 for Cool Down.

I can’t win, I can’t wait
I will never win this game without you, without you
I am lost, I am vain,
I will never be the same without you, without you

I won’t love, I won’t love
I will never make it past without you, without you
I can’t rest, I can’t lie
All I need is you and I, without you


You! You! You! You!
You! You! You! You!
you are annyoing.
work on that
He got something what you don't got.
Work on that BITCH!
you got MS, work on that :D
Its funny because you cant cure MS xD
haha! :D is he really badly ill and the doctors cant cure him? :D hahahaha, what a retard :D
its a serious disease, dunno why people making fun of it.. wouldnt envy anyone who has it, read about it and you will know why!
Like i always said: Crossfire is full of people without brains.
Look at them they don't even know what it is and still there laughing.

The funniest part is that they think MS can kill.
And btw, MS can be cured.
Hi from Holland*
no I dont :D
you just prooved you're the one without brains, retaaaaaaaaard :D MS! :DD
Quoteyou just prooved you're the one without brains, retaaaaaaaaard :D MS! :DD

You need brains to get MS or else you won't get it.
It is a BRAIN disease.
Im sure its a brain disease as you're so fucking stupid xDDD
Don't you get it?


It doesn't make my comment less true.
its a more or less inside joke (KRP-stuff) to make fun of that retarded spammer
i like you ^.^
the force is strong with this one.
It's easy to dislike someone together.
i like u manj ur sensational
Perhaps they'd let you off if you made them some curry.
I think in my opinion you should keep that up, keep up the trolling ;) i <3 it
lol is that a reference to me? dark side? :s
so many fanbois commented already ;(
just dont be a bad troll like francis,seareal and all those fags
Je t'aime m'chou :)
C'est un Canadien alors ça passe
he already is awful.
Depuis quand se foutre gentiment de la gueule des gens c'est troller?
tes vieux journals moisis servent a rien
Dont be ego immigrant. You are not funny and u just represent the ego trash nerd of W:ET.
simply that.
manj u so sensational
you write some fucked shit man but i like it
i dunt get why they keep letting u cum bak :o
Do not play the racial card, will you pretty please.

Don't post 'bullshit' in an overproportional amount and you will be fine. 'bullshit' is not defined by you but by what you think site admins rate as that.
This has everything to do with race, those white supremacist admins will do anything to get rid of the minority (Kamz) on here :s
the amount of journals seareal and le francis post here about nothing and robas whine journal towards clanbase i dont see why they keep banning/ revoking your rights for posting your journals.

atleast ppl can laugh about your journals but seareals journals are just sad
+1 add bAnga. annoying cunt
Don't forget banga and goku.
+1 kamz journals are actually interesting, but the others welll...
Seareal/banga =>2lines journal
MarseilleLeFrancis' journals => Generally elaborate, chicks, fun, goot material to have fun and good amount of comments.
Kamz: Basically it's your fault ET is dying hence you should be randomly banned :p
How is that random...?
it's because you hacked xfire
I pretty much like every journal you make Manjbruv!
u take internet way to serious
image: Net_Troll

e: what crabje said. act all casual but spend most of your time here trying to achieve e-acceptance.
thats racist man. a brown troll? seriously.
It's always you, stop seeing through me!
stop trying to be cool, stop beeing a faggot
That's right, you clearly don't give a shit.
shit happens
image: shit-happens-shit-demotivational-poster-1214526411
I haven't read this nerd journal in ages.

What I've seen here is that you're a complete moron, and it would be best for all if you were permanently banned.
ET council NEEDs and asian and a black man because I feel I am not being represented well enough by white folk :<
hahahaha :D
Gotta start checking who made the journal before clicking.
they r doing good job then
Stop being butthurt
feedback on the posts that got your rights removed and were deleted? cant since im not on crossfire 24/7 =/
the force is with you kamz, always

edit: i like you, your funny and always have a point while others like lefrancis & banga etc are just boring and sad
Thanks for all the feedback guys, I will do my best to improve my behaviour so you guys do not get upset or angry when I make comments.
You find his comment funny? Don't you see he is making a fool of everyone thus including you? Don't fall for it, you'r not that dumb
image: thisisme

srsly, how is he making a fool of everyone?
Indeed, he's only making a fool of himself.
ahah, good one ^^
QuoteThanks for all the feedback guys, I will do my best to improve my behaviour so you guys do not get upset or angry when I make comments.

This isn't enough for you? I feel sorry for you man, you seemed to me to be somehow smarter than many people down here... I was wrong it seems.
look, i've got a huge hangover & can't think deeply atm but i know kamz is an idiot, i just like to comment to let him think that i'm that stupid :) and that he is awesomecake

and how well do you know me then :p?
I'm not stalking you don't worry, I just read your comments and find them generally mature compared with the average ones. Good answer anyway ;)
yeah i tend to give normal well thought answers here, as i don't see any pont wasting my time by posting useless shit as the mass here.

I remember i registered here in 2008 to post a journal about that i converted supply to rtcw. the conversion was hard work. but rly everybody was raging hard at me. harsh community really here :)
Yea, a throng of immature people :<
and still i visit this site really whenever i open firefox.

it's a curse :D
Same here unfortunately :P
they're afraid you take their women.
had same shit with Seanza and I think once with Baggiez when he actually le lied to justify my ban!

point is:they are admins, they don't need to explain themselves
Scottish guy got banned here as well, seemed that a guy named starzi did it, asked why but didn't get response... asked again if he could give at least some kind of confirmation, even if he didn't want to give info... but yeah he just ignored it. Saw he read the messages though!
Must be annoying to reply to everyone, but then again don't become admin I would say :()
Everybody knows you never go full retard. Well, everybody except for the coterie of muppets that you're a distinguished member of.
it's because you are a retard. there is no point explaining it to you because you are a retard. although you may not have understood this because you are a retard.
You normally dont have any content on your posts, just ranting and whining and "trolling". There are exceptions ofc.

Wont even comment those few spammers...
I once made a post like this
I usually leave a signature

you're learning from the master :)
mostly your arguments are offending and u are insulting people eventho u are immigrant and thats why people maybe hate you, maybe they think if u are immigrant and stuff u should be more respectful towards people

tho i liked when u scammed the crossfire with those butt pictures few years ago, some of ur movies were also entertaining, but i have seem a lot of fail trolling attempts and unfunny, insulting comments from u, i dont know if this helps u anykind, still, i dont know u well and my opinion might be wrong, maybe if i knew u better i would think differently

np4me, serious letter, sac
i like ur journals. i like reading irony. ur the man.

sick of these wnb "troll journals" of seareal..
Oh you.
Taking the internet into your mind.
You have been mind-fucked;)
This is maybe a racial thing?
i guess that '(:D)' explains a lot.
ur titles, the ammount of text u put in ur so called troll post is just hillarius

ur not trolling anyone, ur trolling urself waisting time writing wall of text for no reason

geezus kamz find smthn more usefull to do, make a new #et.3on3 channel

Kamz made us[/b]]image: kamz

"Kamz is the first person who started (t)rolling against other people/admins, he's a hero to everyone outta here.I'm with you , to just let the dictatorship of NetherlandsFrop and United KingdomBaggiez drop."
that is so madafakin gangsta,

le gangsta troll is a good troll, keep it up
thats better!
I'm not kind of asslicking atm, will send you some "post deleted" pms :DDDD
i meant the picture :D
100 comment ;D!
gl Kamz :)
Kamz profile quote :" Rule 1: I'm a nice guy but if I don't like you, you're in trouble.

Rule 2: I only like 10% of the community. The rest are mainly retarded.

Rule 3: Don't go up against me, trust me .. you will always lose.

Rule 4: I am and will always be more superior than you.

Rule 5: Studying Maths at Masters Level i.e. I am one of the most intelligent people on this website. "

Too much ego ?
Why don't you try to work on your strenghs instead of playing drama queen because you lost your rights ?
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