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I wanna get some new headphones since my recent ones are pretty much broken

My budget is around 100 European Euros, also it would be very cool if the headphone would have a usb-soundcard because my on-board sound is broken as well..

I need headphonez not headsets becuase i have dat mic already


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Hmm the sony one looks nice but what about the soundcard? because even highend headphones can sound like rubbish when you havshitty card
i have little experience with external sound cards, they do work for only a little ammount of money though.

but then again, as your budget was 100e and the sony (epic) headphones aren't that expensive, just get a proper new soundcard?
look at bottom of journal, on ps3 atm, pain in the ass to reply
didnt now that there are non-european euros

and sennheiser headphones>*
http://www.economist.com/node/181558 Seems like you learn something new every day. ;)
Shure headphones > *****

I was looking at the senn HD-25 though, but decided to go for the srh-840 after spending hours on reading reviews and comparisons
I've got the HD25-1 II, you should get some too : ))
Haha but i just got the shures last week. Like them a lot though, especially after some hours of burning in =)

For how long have you been using the hd25? And do you use them in public?

The senns look just a bit more comfortable for public use... such as trains etc :P these shures are XXXL
using my blackberry earphones.
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I actually hate it, since every fucking 14 year old girl in norway are using it (as with every other meme). :(
Siberia v2 USB obviously with those requirements and budget
to everyone recommending me siberia, gtfo they sound like shit
I was thinking about that too but I have very limited space on my mobo left, gonna get those sony ones I guess had mdr in the past and they were very comfy
steelseries siberia v2 is good!
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Sennheiser HD 515 or 429
Sennheiser PC 151
Beyerdynamic DTX 910 <- not sure about these

Very hard to say since there isn't many good headsets for under 100 euros.
Quotethere isn't many good headsets for under 100 euros.

you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about then.

then again, you did recommend him to get a pair of siberia's, so yeah...
That is just because I read the first post wrong, I read it other way around.

And it is true that it is hard to get good headphones under 100 euros.
Sick gaming headphones like AD700, HD598, DT 880 and 770 go way over one hundred euros.

The ones under 100 euros are pretty hidden and I seriously don't see really big differences between headphones under 100 euros and for example Siberia v2 where you get soundcard plus microphone attached in to it.
Im not looking for gaming headphones anyway
why buy a good headphone if you are going to buy a cheap ass usb sound card.
you got a point, but are there any good usb soundcards out there?

I'd get a pci card but I'm afraid that I don't have enough space on my mobo
overpriced shit
nope, its more then worth you'r monny :)
I mean the quality is great but you pay too much for the name
Monny's home.
Pro or studio are amazing
so damm true,

I got this one :)

image: TS0001
sennheiser hd555 or newer
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