Kimi is back!

How awesome is that?

Too bad for Poland Kubica though, I really liked him. But apparently he has some issues with his hand and the team.

image: img-1288380095688

See ya next season, bitches!

EDIT: On a side-note, does anyone know what is up with bnc´s? Mine died yesterday, hasnt come up yet. Need explanation, another one or someone to setup my mirc to ran my shell on it.

hopefully he doesn't fail
hell yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
/me slaps wsk with a rotten trout
btw this picture of him must be shopped, he never smiles!
He is drunk.
hope to see him die during his first race because these guys are morrons, worth millions, selfish and polluter
You sick fuck.
Thank you, sir.
And yet you are a polluter yourself. Don't you dare using your car to go to your work!
They entertain people. People pollute when they go to the stadium. Once again, targeting the wrong people.
I'm not working yet, I don't have car and you are targeting the wrong people.
Why do you put the blame on people who have to work really hard to earn some euro while some retards waste fuel, waste money, waste champagne that some people will never have the chance to sample & earn billions?
where do u get these childish opinions?
You and I know that i'm right.
Just look at them when they win, these idiots take a champagne shower. Wtf?
They don't give a fuck about money. They don't give a fuck about their fanboys. They just want them to spend money freely and buy their caps or their magazines.

Meanwhile in real life we have to study, work, work, work, work and die at work to turn on the warming up at home, if we are lucky to get one.

Who's got the childish opinions?
so u jelly cause u r poor.
get money
get car
no car needed => no car

simple but hard to believe for kids like you
hard to believe for people with money indeed
No one said you can't go racing yourself?
Or become a pro-football player..
We don't have the dedication to do that all day, all night, all weeks, whole years..

Same as you would say people who studied to become a doctor shouldn't earn more money than someone who works as a cleaning lady? (no offense to them, because it's a normal job) But don't whine about not making as much money as people who work for it.. one way or another they earn it..

You wanna complain about something? Complain about euromillions - that is PURE luck.
QuoteSame as you would say people who studied to become a doctor shouldn't earn more money than someone who works as a cleaning lady?

Quotepeople who studied

Nothing else to add except that

Quotepeople who work for it

made me smile when I saw the face of a retarded football player in front of me
Sorry, is that an argument or are you just stating my facts?
just stating you're facts
Don't think you realise how much work those people put in it.
& if I read your answers to other people, I realise I shouldn't have started this discussion because it's useless.

ecklav over&out
Okay man, it was a pleasure for me too
Are you this jelly cause you're poor ?

Or are you just mad because he didn't sign an autograph for you cause your a fanboy ?
sorry i don't want to talk with you
I am sure you would do the same if you were in their position. If you are talentless or not a brainiac you have to work hard... there is lot of wasting in this world, i bet u have been to mcdonalds, they also throw away food which would be good for niggers in africa but this is life, not everyone are equal so try to accept it and work urself up to the top
sorry i hate mcdonalds
its just an example
i hate quick too
im too stoned to argue :P
just enjoy your evening :)
You are either good @sports or be part of Mafia.. or get good education and by that a good work where you will get paid well. Don't know why would anyone be sorry to people who have to work real hard to pay their rent and get some food in the table IF (really IF) they had the chance to study hard or be good at something else. Oh well good isnt enough but you get my point!

If you are still whining about them you must be stupid
That's some obsessive envy right there.
Get a job you hippie!
I'm not 20 years old yet, i don't want to clean the streets and become alcoholic because i have a fat and almost retarded wife, a shitty work and live under social difficulties for the rest of my life. Let's get graduated, earn a lot a money, have a big car, waste fuel, drink champagne every day, provide a large house for my family and give 5 euro a month to Unicef for the self esteem.
then you might just want to stfu kid
Low-minded people stfu
calling sports redundant
not even owning a car
Quotenot even owning a car

Kk, nice arguing.
Meaningless argument, kid.
i hate those football players cause they are wasting perfectly good water instead of giving it to africa.
i can tell because i have no feet and i dont own a ball.

you might wonna consider that you waste more fuel on a transatlantic flight than they do in a race.
u forgot you never were on a plane cause you are so poor that you dont even have a car.
haha get money
I don't own a car so i'm poor?
Dude, you're pathetic. I'm not even 20, i'm studying in Brussel where public transport is more usefull than a car + have to walk 10 minutes to go to uni (u fat cunt cannot walk?) + fuck yourself in your shitty car
QuoteI don't own a car so i'm poor?

QuoteI'm not even 20

Quotein Brussel

hahaha Belgium least powerfull country ever
Quotepublic transport is more usefull than a car

only if you are poor and/or you like to have strangers vomit on you
Quoteu fat cunt cannot walk?

no i dont, i have a car
You're pathetic, i no longer want to argue with such a retarded idiot like you.
okay poor kid
Just to let you know, we have officially excluded him from the unemployed hippie club for not taking it easy enough. We don't want our name tarnished by people who go against love and tolerance, the key values of the hippie movement.
~Vanhaomena, vice chairman of Unemployed Hippie Club South-East Finland wing section #69
be(A)st is bAck <3
what are you talking about? *thick british accent*
Didn't he leave f1 because of a shitty car? Now he joins up and has similar one again. Too bad for him, he's a great driver.
No, he left mainly because of the lack of interested and politics & media-shit.
But still, his latest results were not the best and this was mainly because of the shitty car he had. Best of luck for him anyways. He actually was one of the reasons I did watch F1 regularly back then.
I guess he doesnt mind it that much now, not defending championship or anything, just wants to drive F1 again.

EDIT: And cant do worse than Schumi :)
Schumi is just an idiot who's back just to earn some big money fast. He doesn't know how to compete against those young guys.
w/e his motivation was... I doubt it was money
I'd rather say he has returned because of racing being an important part of his life. He didn't quit motorsports in 2006 but went on participating in other events. Have you ever heard about the value of his property?
YEAA ICEMAN > All those niggas
Onks juuriharjal hyvä pestä hampaita ???
en tiä mut tonne mahtuis vaiks tiskiharja
hamilton ftw
Back to lose more.
Mika Häkkinen > KIMI RÄIKKÖNEN
Häkkinen is still my favourite fin of all time.
wouldve loved to see him driving for rb instead of webber tho :<
ye nice now i can watch him drive 60 rounds around some boring ass track \0
kimi and petrov in one team? i fucking hope so
inb4 Kubica in Ferrari/Red Bull for 2013 season
its cool ye but like M. Schumacher in mercedes can kimi win even less with lotus
Well yea, kinda true. At least at the moment, but it is just nice to have him back, havent found a reason to follow this season, next season I shall have one.
bring me mika hakkinen plz.
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