Iceland :(

I want to move there :(:

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image: Iceland-town

image: Southern-Iceland

image: Iceland

image: Skaftafell_National_Park,_Iceland

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image: is
I want to move away from iceland

and you would not want to go here during winter.
I always wondered is your interwebz gut?
I download around 7mb/s got 50mb/s fiber internet but I have wireless so dosent work good for me in et but works great downloading and browsing, but if I connect the cable my internet is very stable in ET. 9th aint so bad
Wow! You really hate your country!
wow first pic, damn
can u swim at the beach at summer?
we have 1 beach!! and there is like over9000 people there when the weather is good.
ur surrounded with water

how can there be only beach?

and how can there be more than 9000 people on that tiny island ;p
Quote by wikipenisaPopulation
- 1 January 2011 estimate 318,452
they have black sand, this one has the desert type of sand! and Iceland isn't tiny!
Big banking sector I've heard. I presume you study economics?
Oh you.

I just think it's a beautiful country :(
Whats with the condescending "oh you"? We have some old e-battle I don't know about?
it was not condescending at all :( soz bro
read world war z

you dont want to live there anymore
6th pic is awesome! tho it might be hard to get decent internet there
we have a very good internet here
>implying iceland isnt a shithole
you´re from the country that brought us hitler and you talk about other countries being shitholes ...LoL
Implying that Hitler was german. ;p I get your point though.
He isn't from Austria. Blame Limbonic!
Iceland looks nice :D. Maybe worth a trip during summer or something :)
nice pictures but not that nice so i would move there!
why on earth you wanna live there xd
wow sixth pic, damn
Me, too. :'(

QuoteTo put it differently - if an almighty being really exists, whether it's Allah or some kind of a purple osteoporotic worm, than Iceland must be his orgasm, his chef-d'œuvre, his Mona Lisa. Definitely a masterpiece.
I was in iceland with 2 friends last year in summer, its rly cool and beautiful but the nightlife isnt that great ;D
but its a perfect tipp, if u and ur gf dont know where u shall go next holiday then go to iceland ;)
I really enjoyed Iceland and I defo would go again :)
image: Igloo

Welcome to Iceland
hey its my apartment :)
seriously, igloos look sick.
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