i demand ban

i want you to ban noctiferia, he was on fusen cheater list, yet he is still not banned, what is going on? is this the right way to deal with cheaters? just letting them be amongst us, and pretending that they've never cheated before? way to go xfire, way to go.
yeh, damn straight!

oh well it feels like 10 years ago ;x time passes so fast
stop crying like a lil bitch and start dealing with it like a man
I was just about to do it, but then you mocked Dimebag today.
that nocti fucking cheater
cheaters dont get banned anymore, they get tagged.
cant ban ex-cheaters or game will have no players left.
He has always been obvious.

Like that one time I played him and he killed me with 4 headshots.
omg 4hs?
et = bugt
medic 140hp, one shot head ---> hp 100, two shots head ----> 50, medic regen 3hp (53hp atm), three shot head -----< 3hp, for shot head ----> dead

headshot doing less damage with helmet on right?
depends wether helmet protection is on or not. if it is, then the helmet covers 10dmg
np for xfrd. Perfo wanneer kap je nou eens met deze onzin. Wat doe je met je leven tegenwoordig.
Everything is np for xfrd.

Zit op het Conservatorium :p en jij?! Ja moet eigenlijk wel eens kappen maar denk dat ik het nu wel weer voor gezien houd. :<
Oke nice, ik rond dit jaar m'n bachelor politicologie af. nu bezig met bestuursjaartje e.d. Is ET nog een beetje actief of is het echt heel triest geworden? (cheaters?)
Nice. :D Ik speel vrijwel geen ET meer behalve dan afgelopen comps (EC en BFB) maar cheaters zie ik vrijwel niet. Behalve jaymod dan. En xfrd.
Wordt je blokfluit specialist? :o Wat ga je worden precies ?:p
Nocti noob, cant even play wow
Good that I'm not the only one to notice, that noctirator is so strange. I mean have you seen him rage on publics? Jumping into Goldrush spawn, flipping aerials like he's the new perfoferia or something, dealing out damage like there's no tomorrow. Wasn't surprised at all to find him on fusenlist, seems like he quit right before TZAC but still actively posting on crossfire? I demand justice.
noctirator and perfoferia
i remember he was also cheater in counter-strike, most obvious guy ever using speedhack
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