SC2 Global Starcraft League

For anyone looking for maybe a competetive folloup to out beloved ET, check out starcraft 2, its right now the most proffesional and competetive scene arround in my opinion.

The most prestigious league around atm is the Global starcraft league (GSL) and it's live right now and finally easily accesable trough an online stream

go check it out as its awesome awesome stuff to watch and follow <3
also, one caster is German
true that, go sc2 nerdz
new season sucks ._.
played 8 games in this season 7 were ZvZ ._.
probably that was your worst matchup last season, just trust the laddres system he knows best :D
na not rly, did fine against Z, but my ZvP is horrible :(
protoss with shit PvZ here :D
been plat last season but i didnt rly play much, now im top gold with aspirations for diamond
if u want to play some games later on just add me SpyTe #583
gonna jump into game later today nORAs.698
Parent :D
best game arround!
and for all the frenchies here if they want french stream :
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