NBA - Miami Heat vs. Charlotte Bobcats

At halftime: 45 - 60 WOOOT ? :)

Seems like something is wrong with D.Wade

Toronto - Indiana really exciting match!
Augustin making nice shots.
true, augustin played the first half very good :P
No wonder why he so goot hehe
Haha, nice catch. :P
unlucky :(
Nice game. 3 seconds is a lot, don't know why they went for that shot
really nice game :)
Lebron epic save
there's nothing epic about LeFaggot
Go suck Rose's or Kobe's cock then
Rather Vince Carter, Russel Westbrook, Kevin Durant, Ray Allen, Rajon Rondo, Paul Pierce, J.R Smith
Still don't get why such hate on lebron.. banged your mother or what?
Overrated much ?

+ He's a big ego douche and has so low intelligence that it's embarrassing.
You kidding me?
How is he ego? Having too many assists evey game?

D. Rose is overrated thats what I tell you , LeBron is stats-wise MVP, as even the commentators said when Rose was announced MVP

Get your facts straight
Why mention Rose over and over again? Never said anything about him. Learn to read faggot.

And who cares "stats-wise". Stats dont win you games.

And he has an ego off-court, idiot. Again, you bring assists into the conversation when you have no idea what I meant. Rather than just ask, you assumed like a retard.

So seriously, bro, go suck on LeFaggots cock and come back when you have some kind of intelligence and can read.

Dont reply to me anymore, I am done with stupid people.
You are saying OVERRATED, that's why I brought Rose to that argument.
And off-court he is donating money to charities, how is that ego?
He hasn't stated anything about being the best or whatever you meant, or acted egoistically.

It's saddening how retarded and utterly dumb you are, arguing about things you have little knowledge of.

You are the most ignorant fuck in this community, please log out and never come back.
Again you couldnt read stupidface. I told you not to reply, but yet still you did.

Are you mentally damaged or something because then we can all understand why you cant read?
And who the fuck are you to tell me what to do?
Ignoring all this bullshit you are writing doesnt mean I cant read
You were the braindonor who started off with a retarded reply
/End of discussion, you are clearly on a new level idioticness
I already ended the discussion but you coudlnt read and therefore understand. Do not reply means that you dont reply to me anymore. Can you understand that now?
You seem to be the one that has problems with reading, and failing a simple task of not replying to me anymore.
As I said, you are in no position to tell me what to do, so really
m1ke m8, how was ur lan ?
pretty much owned everything but cs
m1ke m8, how was ur staff ?
Nothing wrong with D.Wade. Zhahahahahahahahh LE SUPERMAN
just amazing how they could get on this run just a few hours after the great boston game
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