Wakizashiuk not uk captain

Not picked again... such a shame... englands finest medic.

We all remember his amazing moves in the uk trials a few seasons ago...

Will Artstar play him in all games? or just in the final?
brown noses always win ;) but in this case he was the best choice anyway.
but realize didn't win, g5 boom!
think you'll be the next one then
you are the biggest brown nose in et atm without a doubt
gimme proof!
why would i be bitter i play et when im back from uni and have nothing else better to do. I believe i said your the right man for the job. Just sucking up to better players isnt my thing.
never sucked up to anyone. people who voted for me did it because they decided to, you assume i suck up to people for x reason, would be funny to hear it.
ok, good luck.
thanks, appreciated.
Other fail NC upcomming ???
just give him one night in Ibiza
sup lol i c u star of et now ;D
WAKI SPECIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this is an outrage
approached waki for spot but he declined, no pocal for uk :(
oh rAt you son of a jote!
Absolute fucking travesty. Good job ETs dead though son!!! g5
Switch those pics around!
my bad oldm8!
Last time i watched artstar play he went 4 - 56. Worst stats I've ever seen in any game, the future doesn't look very promising for team UK.
actually i had 20 deaths, but whatever you say. in fact it doesn't matter what you say, it was like a year and a half ago and i was on 150 - 700 ping the entire match. can get anyone in my team to reply to you that i was lagging and unable to play the entire game, yet i did.
The UK scene died in 2006.
wtf does his stats have to do with the team
hes not fucking playing
still waiting for his; Stfu?! And Train Journal 2012, With some Motivation-clip, song :D
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