Question for those with an LED/LCD screen

Do you play ET in the native resolution of your screen or in a more 'native resolution for ET' like e.g r_mode 6?

I've seen dignitas players play with r_mode 6 on lan, but they had black borders, their screens werent stretched, anyone using that and how would I get it?

Just got my new screen, getting rid of the old crt, which was only good for nerd purposes :D
Native resolution of the screen. Weird r_mode because of fps or something gives you eyecancer. Playing with black bars at the side is annoying imo.
ive always used native, fits my eyes best
if youre used to playing on a 4:3 resolution, it would be easier to play with black bars instead of getting used to the new native widescreen resolution (makes sense on a non-byoc lan setting)
Whilst this is true, those black bars 4:3 modes increase input lag!
dont think its noticable for the human eye tho :P
I've heard that said for 60hz vs 120hz too though
Thing is, I get 60hz on the native resolution. I can get 75hz on a lower resolution with the same aspect ratio. Would it be best to go with the 60hz native one, 75hz one stretched out to fit the screen or 75hz with minor black bars?
75hz I would say my friend! I used to have this and would play a different resolution. Try 960*600
Should I use black borders or stretch it out then? :D
960*600 is 16:10 or 16:9, I forget now. It depends what you personally like! Play and toy around, and test it with black bars @ 800*600
Thanks mate, I think I'll try the 1440x900 at 75hz instead of 1920x1080 at 60hz and put my fps to 75 max, because I was getting massive screen tearing with the other one and my fps at 125
One more question, sry for bothering you with this :D
But if I use a lower reso as the native one, but it gets stretched out, things should still look like the same aspect ratio, right?

The 75hz is alot better because of the higher refresh, but I think the native reso + 105 fov is alot smoother for aiming.
Customwidth & height, native for 23", 1920 x 1080.
custom dimensions of my monitor
how can i get the black bars?
For ATI drivers: In CCC go "Digital Panel" -> "Attributes" -> Tap "Maintain Aspect Ratio"

Strange thing is that it works only if I put r_displayrefresh 60 in my cfg. Tried 75hz /r_mode 6 /com_maxfps 76 and it went to fullscreen :P
and for nvidia drivers? :D
native resolution
i got a 24 inch LED, i jus go r_mode -1 and it works fine for me
I play with rmode 6/4(depending on my fps) with black borders.

to get black borders use the buttons on ur screen to set the ratio to 4:3 (when in game at 4:3 resolution)
i play with black borders, messed about with monitor buttons :P
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