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image: star_warz_dispatch_critical
find me!
the dude in the most right corner upfront who looks stoned
Right side, next to the hand made heart. qq
fuck you man

hope you enjoyed it
i found you.. its on www.bestmail.ws !
i hope you ended up kicking this "hand heart" kid in the face.
was jij er?
nee me die staking ben k er toen nie geraakt :(
9gag.com dude
made me think :D nice one :D
you thinking? need more similar memes...
No, people toast toast.
Websites like reddit killed almost every meme by overusing them.
What is such a good website in your imo?
imo = in my opinion
9GAG raped it :(
You know those funny pictures that you see out there on facebook? you now have access to them directly from your cell phone, a fast and easy way!

sup Kenzi from Lost Girl serie?
guess you never seen bear grylls behind the scenes
yes I did(I have discovery channel), but this image is still awesome
my profile
mother of god meme
breakfast cornflakes meme
uncle dolan

no meme comes close
image: price1

not a real meme though :(
Cut out the PC half and it's nothing but a joke.
Macs are a joke.
have you actually ever used one?
or are you just a "alot of windows ppl say its shit, so it must be shit"-kinda guy?
srry for the late answer, haven't been on since..
i do a student job in an architecture- and study firm (soz dunno the english word :p)
and nearly all designs or calculations are done in mac, just because the programs run better on mac, there are less frequent crashes and so on..

and i can show you also this random site:
it's abit older, but still..

your site is 90% about the money difference, my site is about the operating system difference, which is what it is all about.
Please don't come with the "more professional apps and less crashing" argument.. it so stupid :/ There are so many people out there working with windows on a very professional level. Actually there are way more professional apps on Windows.. in pretty much every aspect. And less crashing is completely wrong as well.

The difference is that the app's on mac are more noob friendly as they are less advanced.

I read the link. Everything is wrong. Just simply wrong. Actually point 8 is AGAINST Mac OSX itself as it comes bloated with 7800 app's no one would ever need. Have fun removing iTunes, quicktime, etc.. half of your OSX system won't work anymore.

1. Sleep mode works faster on Windows 7 than on any Mac OSX
2. Check benchmarks on google.. Windows 7 has the faster boot times
3. Good quality parts in Macs.. well www.whymacsucks.com :D
4. Less blinking lights.. then just buy a Windows PC without blinking light? It's not apple.. you can actually choose & customize for your needs.
5. OSX + Windows (in case smth won't work on OSX).. or just put OSX into the trash and use Windows where everything will work.
6. Have you ever tried troubleshooting on Win7 ? It's press -> troubleshoot and everything works afterwards. You also have all the utilities that would have on a Mac.
7. You really don't want to bring the argument of Mac having more/better apps then Windows :P Such an argument can only me meant ironically.
8. As said.. Mac OSX comes bloated with useless software.. that whole argument is crap
9. No idea where the difference between Mac OSX and Win7 should be in terms of control settings. Both user friendly, both have the advanced options.
10. Windows doesn't either.. it's the user who does. And I know a lot of Mac users who have their OSX loaded up with crap.
11. too much 2 write
12. That's what I love the most: Mac OSX is very vulnerable.. still all the Mac users don't believe it :D Hackers blow up batteries in Macs, password stealers, trojans, etc.. all out there for Mac OSX. Thanks due to no proper security software for Mac OSX (and even less people who even care about it) hacking a Mac OSX (stealing information, etc) is way easier than on Windows.
13. Too many crap inventions by apple to even start talking about.. or well.. apple won't invent smth, they always buy it and sell it under their name :P Btw UAC is the same as the asking for root-privileges on Linux / OSX... Mac users don't seem to understand it.
14. Uhm.. apple & adobe is like cats & dogs. Get a proper GUI so you won't need the command line anymore.
15. I share my files withing the network with 10 devices. Music, movies, HTPC, torrent-server, syncing some folders, etc.. I don't know what is so hard about to right click a folder -> share , done.

Whenever I read such sites about why mac is better than windows it feels like the guy who wrote it simply has no idea about windows. And that's actually the truth about Mac OSX and their Users.. Mac OSX is more noob friendly. It starts when buying the device (you pay 10 times more money but you won't need any technical know how for buying a computer) and ends with the OS. For more advances & smarter usage buy a proper PC / Laptop and use windows.
tbh, im a macbook pro user, value 1800 euro (bought it for 1100)

Sleep mode is just close my laptop and open it again whenever I need it.. if I would do the same with a windows laptop, I would need to push sleepmode first or w/e then wait fews secs before I can close it.. To start up well: look this

Good quality parts, don’t rly want to discuss this one, since you buy a working system, you can upgrade it, but you can’t for example choose the and amb processor. Hey, i chose for it!

the blinking light is bs idd :D

i use windows for gaming and osx for school/work.. Can’t see the problem there.. Autocad for example seems to run alot more stable there.. and fyi i have been using windows vista/xp before i had mac. I don’t consider myself pro mac or pro windows btw, i just don’t like it when ppl who know shit like the first guy who said something complain :p

about the troubleshoot? No idea, never had to use it on my mac, but i did have to use it to get on the internet on windows.. I got on the internet with mac and couldnt get on with windows -> troubleshoot ->said the error was with my modem/router which was bs :D

i don’t use apps anyways so :D

bloated with useless software? same for windows?

userfriendlyness? well, imo mac is alot easier to work with (notice i said “in my opinion" = biased towards after using windows till i was 20y old and using mac since 2 years)

Quote2. Why are Macs less prone to infection?
Unlike Windows, Mac OS X applications don't share a common registry. Mac OS X applications use individual preference files, thus the types of global configuration changes which enable so much of Windows malware is simply not as feasible on a Mac.

then again I do have an antivirus installed, but it has never found something (which could mean 2 things ofc, or there aren’t any or it doesn’t work xD)

about apple inventions: don’t rly know alot about this, I just know that apple improves things alot :p mp3 -> ipod (don’t shoot me for this example)

can’t say alot about the last 2 facts.

sorry for my writing, didn’t rly care to invest alot of time in it :<
for the record, i don't want to have any arguments with you.. We both have different opinions. The only thing i can say is that you have to actively use it before you can actually give an opinion. I don't know about you, but i can see from that other guy that he never used one and only whines about the price.
On the sleepmode part: You can adjust it on Windows wether you want it to go in sleepmode automatically after closing the lid or by pressing the button
When I ordered my laptop I also checked the price of the macbook pro. The most expensive version was like 1000-2000€ more expensive and had like 50% of the power. Mac always are overpriced crap.. just like every other apple product. If I would get it cheaper (and wouldn't want the latest hardware) I would take one as well. Btw today I had some talking with a friend.. in 4 years he had 5 damaged macbook's :P

for sleep mode I simply close my laptop.. for waking up I simply open it. Each time it takes like 1-2 seconds. Was the same with every laptop I had so far. Either it's set like this with standard settings or you buy some retard laptop and have to set it yourself in the power options. Just as you can change whatever the power/sleep button does.

Why not simply using windows for everything? it will do the same school/work stuff as the osx.. just less troubles/switching/blabla

Should also mention that troubleshooting on windows is nice since windows 7 (or vista?).. on xp it was a joke. Still it's just the same as on Mac osx.

Not really.. what do I have on windows? Windows Media Player, DVD Maker. That's it? Both of them can be removed without any future troubles. Internet Explorer won't come pre-installed.

I agree.. mac is more noob friendly.

That quote is crap.. in every aspect :P

Well that's the thing: an AV won't give you any real protection these day. It's like 3$ to get someone for making my virus/malware fully undedected to any AV. What you need is a proper Firewall, Anti-Executable, HIPS, Behaviour Blocker. Those are things that detect malware by the way they work. Doesn't exist on Mac / isn't as developed as on Windows. If you run an AV-only it's pretty much the same as running nothing :/ Well the AV eats up ressources ;D

I agree... the iPod was a nice invention.. but that was only for the first one. e.g. iPhone was completely useless (had the 3g and iphone 4).
i dont have an ipod or iphone so :D

can't rly see why the quote is crap? this is also the reason why when you open alot of programs your "mac" will not run slower if you minimize the program (theoretically that is)

uhm, about vista/w7 laptops and sleepmode im talking about the laptops we could use at college, i once closed it and put it in my bag.. After like 10 mins my bag was getting hot :D i was like wtf.. i opened it up and seems like the w7 was still working closed :D

noobfriendlyness is such a bad word for a simple yet nice os which runs stable :)
easy to use? don't know.. my brother in law recently bought and ipad and loved it.. so a few days later he bought an apple pc.. Hes calling my like veryday to ask how to do stuff :D hes been using windows for years and just needs to adjust (hes not the smartest tho) :D

anyways, we both have different opinions.. I know now that i prefer mac above w7 just, still i use them both. Like i said, i use w7 for gaming and mac for college work.. it's all about the details..

like for example one of the things i like the most is preview: I got lot's of .doc or .pdf or .ppt or w/e and instead of starting up word or powerpoint i just push space and i get this preview in less then a second where i can scroll through the entire document to see if its the one im searching for.. Which is very handy if you get lots off ppt from college :p
Dunno if w7 has this function, haven't found it yet
will you please send me an email with all of this later? wanna save this shit!
it is one picture. i just googled "foul bachelor frog" and took the first hit with "many pictures in one".
copy img link
good ones posted here :D especially that fucking frog
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