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Hello good people of the,

after I upgraded my PC this summer, only one component of my hardware still dates back to prehistoric times; my monitor. I've been using a big, fat 15" (or 16") CRT screen since god knows when and it has slowly started to solemnly give in to the wretched shackles of time as the left edge of the screen has started to twitch every few seconds and the colors and lightning seem to pulsate every now and then. The time has come to upgrade to something bigger, broader, better (?) and quite frankly, less hideous and to send good ol' Bessy to a retirement home (although she will never cease to live on in my heart and memories).

A search on the Interwebs gave me several options below or around €200 and I ended up with this fine specimen as my primary target:

Dell - 23" - U2312HM

My knowledge of monitors does not stretch far beyond "a lower ms means a faster screen" which actually turns out to be bullshit in many cases, so I come here to ask the expert opinion of the nerds: is there any reason not to buy this monitor (for ~€180) and to get something else within its price range?

Thanks in advance!

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If i needed a new one i would buy that also. I have earlier version of that one.
IPS panel for good colors, great viewing angle, you can rotate it and adjust it in every way possible.
Thanks, I usually value your computer-related comments highly ^^
I went from a good TN panel to IPS panel, and i never want to go back again.
Also this one is better gaming than previous version almost no inputlag.

Just got it for xmas --> amazing!
IPS panels aren't as fast as TN panels, so it's not as ideal for fast-paced gaming. However unless you're in a munaclub, it shouldn't matter. I've also heard that it doesn't matter anyway since nowadays with tech progressing the difference is negligible.
I have no idea what a munaclub is and google didn't help me either :P
I just coined the term myself, so it's no problem. Just means serious ultrahigh gaming where you can only succeed with 120Hz monitors and Mx518.

Comes from the Finnish "muna pystyssä pelaaminen", which means getting an erection from playing games. Someone in the Finnish scene shortened it to munakerho, muna+kerho, with kerho meaning "club", as to describe serious gaming clans. I just poorly translated it.
Hertz 60Hz
bought Samsung SyncMaster S24A350 the other day. around 170 euros. works like a charm
QuoteI've been using a big, fat 15" (or 16") CRT screen since god knows when

QuoteI've been using a big, fat 15" (or 16") CRT

Quote15" (or 16") CRT



image: 1300044776986
Well, I measured the diameter and it was around 39 cm which is around 15" right? :$
Quote15" CRT

Quoteusing it for years

Hand over your competitive esports player -license to me, right now.

image: UjLG8
Meh, I hate feeling stupid :(

*hands over*
I hate being bad in articulating so don't worry :))
khoop dat je diagonaal deed :d, want zo meten ze computerschermen

(linksboven tot rechtsonder)

Kom je normaal meer uit
Well yeah, obviously. I am not that daft :P
you never know :d
that explains your lowskill for all these years :S
Explains why I was so insanely good at LAN as well.
I dunno, lol!
go for the cheapest 3d you can get (lg are good)
the dell ultrasharp is by far your best option, it has IPS LED backlighting, can't beat it for the price
Since you have the room (depth) for it, get a 22" CRT until you can afford a 23" IPS, and a 120 LCD
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