Refresh rate on LED/LCD screens

Just got a cheap LED monitor, but it only goes up to 75hz. It's still way clearer than my CRT, but somehow I can see the screen flickering. Some people claim you can't, but I can clearly see it and it annoys the hell out of me even when reading things.

So I've been thinking about patching this screen off to a friend, who doesn't care about that, for the same price and just get one with higher refresh no matter what the size.

Anyone knows any decent LED/LCD screens with a refresh rate of close to 120hz or higher? Or somewhere where I can find a list of those, because usually websites don't mention the refresh rate. Preferably within the price range of 150-250 euros.

i only have 60 hertz here :D

I know how you feel, you just have to get used :)
LED LCD 23" Samsung T27A750 (3D) - 399 € or 27" for 670€
Aren't there any LED/LCDs who are smaller, but have 120hz and a reasonable price?
was searching for it but i only found this one 120hz 23" other 120hz led lcds are all 27" and around 700€:x
'Just got a cheap LED monitor' There you have it.
No shit sherlock. I wasn't able to work that out for myself, thanks for pointing it out.
you mad cause you dumb enough to buy it? :X
You retarded enough to use useless memes? :s
well you seem to know about them, and that doesn't make you less mad :D
Why would I be mad. If I can't find an LCD/LED monitor with the desired price, I'll just use this one till I do. If I do find one, I can just sell it for the same amount of money. On top of that, I replaced my crappy CRT, which was better for ET but really bad for general use.

The only problem I'm having is actually finding a 120hz LCD/LED. Most sites don't show what the display refresh of the screen is.
LG Flatron W2363D

120hz kinda cheap 23"
stfu and come play LoL
study hard
got a 22" CRT still here, there are 120hz LCDs too, but i cant get stable fps on the high res with this PC.

Samsung, and Viewsonic do one at least!
Can't seem to find any webshops that sell em though. Any suggestions?
Perhaps amazon and pay for the shipping?
For 120hz I think the minimum size would be 22" or 23", with a small response time 5ms<, you can hardly find anything for that price, perhaps only second handed. But I would recommend the SAMSUNG S23A700D if you had money for such.

Also don't forget that refresh rate from CRT and LCD work very differently. With my current monitor, Samsung 226BW, that only works at 60hz I never noticed any type of flickering, while on my old CRT with 60hz would give me headaches.

So, I don't think it's worth the money to buy a 120hz LCD unless you plan on using the 3D technology. Anything up to 75hz would be fine, at least for me, just don't get another crap one. My fav brand is definitely Samsung.
Your right, for that price I can't find anything. Cheapes is 320-390 euros. My current screen isn't that bad, it's actually a Samsung. But still I can really notice the flikkering. The difference between 60 hz and 75 hz is alread immense for me.

I will be saving up for the 120hz at 300 euros when I got some time to work. Considering the difference between 60 and 75 hz, I would defo consider it worth the money. Besides gaming, I have to use my screen alot for uni these days, alot of reading has to be done online and my eyes grow tired way too fast with a lower display refresh.

I guess it depends on the person if he or she notices the difference or not!
Have you considered your graphic card as a problem to that flickering? Try the monitor from another source.
"alot of reading has to be done online and my eyes grow tired way too fast with a lower display refresh."

reading, lower refresh, eyes tired

whats that bullshit :p
It's not, very noticeable when playing or reading. Fine when watching videos.
strange for reading, ur scrolling allthe time while reading??
That aswell and I also read rather fast.
u must skip text to watch images imo

they should make 19 inch "square-screen" 100 hz led monitors

Would be thrilled even with a 20inch one. But guess I'll have to save up for one of the expensive ones.
You have to continue the Legacy of CRT. There arent many left anymore.
Just threw mine out, regret it allready

2233RZ, 120 HZ, 22' , around 200€
For some reason all high refreshrate lcd's are fucking huge
I have a 17" 120Hz 3D screen :>
ye.. specs in my profile.
it is probably broken or wrongly configured, lcd's can not flicker*
It's and LED
Nice find, might try and get that one!
BenQ XL2410T 24'' 120Hz 3D LED
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