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So my native resolution on this screen is 1920x1080, but this only goes up to 60hz.
When I play at 1440x900 I can get 75hz with supposedly the same aspect ratio.

I've been playing at 1920x1080 with 105fov, but I want to go up to 75hz with the same look because it makes a huge difference. If I now use 1440x900 with a 100fov and stretch it to cover the entire screen, do I get the same ratio as before?

Still not quite sure what makes the biggest difference in game smoothness, either native resolution or 75hz.
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Yeah I know, but it doesn't say there what defines your new fov. I guess it's the resolution, but if I my native resolution is 1920x1080 and I stretch my screen to suit 1440x900, I don't know if it's still the same aspect ratio. Plus I'm not sure if I should use the same fov or alter it abit.
fov needs to be altered cause

1920 × 1080 16:9 16:9 1:1
1440 × 900 8:5 8:5 1:1

smaller value

try something between 95-100 i advise 100 on 1440
i use fov 110 r mode 8
had exactly the same problem

switched my fov from 90 to 107 and i'm playing on r_mode 8
native resolution is useless in games anyways, just kills FPS, i use 1024x768 when my native is 1680x1050, and i have 120hz anyways no matter which reso, native resolution first of all looks ugly, and it is completely useless.
r_displayrefresh 75
r_customblabl 1440
r_customblalbl 900

nvidia settings for enemy territory
enable vsync
enable tripplebuffering
seta com_maxfps 76 or 71
seta com_forcefps 76 or 71

you might feel laggy with 76 but with 71 will be ok fo shizzle.
if u dont feel comfortable with the vsync "on" because of fps drops, then u have no other alternative just use native resolution without it. or get the r_mode under ur native resolution and u will get a free plus AA.
U can also try other stuff like r_mode 8 + AAx4 or AAx8 something like that but the best is the vsync, wish I could use it but my processor can handle the vsync so well :(
about the fov is just pure bullshit, get used to a new fov like I did and forget about calculators!
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