fritzbot ?

whats the best "bot" like fritzbot, omnibot etc ?

is there one that works with etpro? and is it possible to enable hitboxes while playing vs them?
Quoteand is it possible to enable hitboxes while playing vs them?

lol what? g_debugbullets 8 I guess
seta a²+b²=c²

and everything is ok
ask Finland Hukk
bots are too dumb to play with, what you need it for? target practice?

wolfcam author (I think it is him but I might be wrong) made a little mod to spawn a player in etpro, I remember it was in splashdamage forums, but he doesn't fight or move, so you have to modify it.

anyway real players > all, just join a server

for target practice you could still join a lan server twice and make a script like +moveleft;wait xxx;-moveleft, and put some random moves in it... :D
ye, i just wanna play with hitboxes :p
then use g_debugbullets 7 (1+2+4 that is bullet+bodybox+headbox) in the server.
another way is with b_realhead
there is also an antilag debugging feature, but that can show only the bodybox afaik
you obviously need rcon for all 3 things.

Anyway there isn't much to see, headbox is, well, on the head :D

if you wanna see them (not play with them, since it's both impossible and useless) do this:
load etpro from main menu (mods->etpro)
\devmap te_valhalla (or some other map)
\timelimit 0
\cg_thirdPerson 1
\cg_thirdPersonAngle 180
\cg_thirdPersonRange 200
\b_realhead 1793 (this is not a random number it's bits 0+8+9+10)

BUT this is an event sent from the server so it is delayed, (in fact if you do cg_debugevents 1 you will se an EV_LINE) it just gives a general idea of hitbox size and shape, but if you move the line will lag behind you (not the real hitbox)
to make them less delayed you could try:
\cg_nopredict 1 (edit: don't try this when you play, it's useless and locked anyway)
but real hitboxes are not delayed, that delay you see is only due to the way they are displayed.
If you don't believe it, load a big flat map (gammajump maps ftw) and run parallel with a player, then aim with sten at the head or the delayed hitbox. If you aim at the head you make hs, but not if you aim at the fake headbox.
tnx alot, helped me
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