sup megaupload

Sup with the government of America turning megupload down.

nice song

Whats the problem of downloading some files?

Its not illegal to download such files on other country's, so why would u take the site down for everyone.

where were you last week?
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» The user has been successfully reported.
Today make this clear for everyone complaining about them taking down the website

The website itself was fine (like youtube or anything you just can't keep control what stuff ppl share on your platform when it's 4% of the interwebs)

They got busted because they rewarded people that uploaded pirated material to megaupload.
if I reward a guy money that he kills himself am I the murder????
Not the murderer but du treagst natuerlich eine teilschuld wtf
You're one week late mate.
I know, but just had lessons on school when they kinda explained it. Just want your opinion!
I had lots of important files backed up there and ofc my hdd crashed last week, now cant get anything back cause fags closed it without notice
Big companies like CBS "owns" a site that offers a program you can pirate through, it is downloaded 323 million times. Why aren't they sued?

Also why they haven't taken bittorrent down? They have also big supporters that US could take money from.

Instead they take money from normal people.
you just can't take down torrent...
Well, lets say why don't they sue them
Hey i heard that someone walked on the moon! Wtf did you guys heard about that?
thats bullshit! Lies, all lies.
your next step will be to tell us that there is no santa clause...

come on, dont bullshit us.
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