facebook forces on

we will soon be forced to put the shitty timeline:


why changing a running system? Totally retarded imo

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because nobody likes Facebook's newest feature -> impossible as them chiefs think it's a great idea
I wonder what's happening with Google+? Seems like it's going the Google Buzz way.
Who cares, it is a free service, quit if you don't like it.
thats what i probably will do
Besides, whose fault is that if you have posted some stupid or embarrasing stuff on your profile and it is easily visible now?
You can hide/restrict every single thing thats listed on the time-line, I failed to see the problem.
Ah, haven't tried it myself yet, just seen people whining about it.
has nothing to do with things i posted. I just dont like the layout. I really prefer the layout as it is now and already was since the creation of facebook, but that is rather a question of taste
It's not about that. Every facebook update has made it less and less practical.
Do you seriously even remember what facebook was ~4 years ago? And if you do, can you say it has gone downhill...?
I'm mainly talking about the latest big ones. And ye I do think so, you are free to disagree :)
I like the new Timeline, it's way better to handle.

Only thing is that all the other users can see your shit so easily.
oh well, guess i'll have to stop posting shit :)
actually the biggest problem with timeline is that people can actually see how stupid u've been in the past years with retarded posts, statuses, comments etc. that's why nobody likes timeline :)
And relationships, shiiiit...
Timeline sucks
timeline sucks, it's like giving crossfire a new feature.
facebook to timeline is like cf3.2 to cf4.0
Good idea, timeline is great, easier to stalk people, i support
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