Asian movies

I've been watching quite some asian movies lately and seen some great ones, especially korean. Anyone knows some non-weird asian movies worth watching? I've already watched most well known ones (Oldboy, rising tiger etc..), so some lesser known ones would be nice.
i remember watching some horror called the phone or something like 5years ago.

It was woth watching tbh

Should've said, no Horror!. I'm a pussy.
what rating did u give oldboy? to me that movie has the best plotline ever in movie history 10/10 on imdb
It's the 2nd best foreign movie ever made. After city of god. Really great movie, I'd say i'd give it a 9.
idd city of god is also amazing, gave it a 10 aswell ^^
Im afraid asian movies would turn me into a freak listening to dubstep and jerking off for tentacle porn. just take a look at burneddi.
asa akira
ye the chaser is great too :)
a tale of two sisters is like the weirdest movie ever. seriously.
It wasn't that weird tbh
id say the same if i was japanese, you guys are used to much weirder shit on national tv
I still dont get it
Red Cliff was nice
i saw the devil is great!
a bittersweet life
rest of oldboy "trilogy" (lady, mr vengeance)
Ip man !

edit : that sounds weird on a gaming forum, it's actually the real name of the movie. "Ip man" is the name of Bruce Lee's master. The film relates its life. There's a sequel : ip man 2 and a prequel, ip man 3. Both are good but not as enjoyable as the first one.
Ip Man, Red Cliff, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Confucius , Departures, Battle Royale, Seven Samurai

all blockbusters though
apparently this one is good, but i always forget to watch it
ip man and 13 assasins are very good
IMDb -> John Woo
oh yeah, and check out Johnnie To's movies, the likes of Exiled, The Mission, Running out of time, Election 1 & 2 and Fulltime Killer.
BATTLE ROYALE! CAN I GET A +1 LADS!? AM I RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but just part 1
watched memories of murder and lady vengeance lately
Kung Fu Dunk
nobody knows (2004)
air doll (2009)
Can't remember the name of the movie but it was about a fisherman whose relative (his father iirc) has recently passed away and he quit his job to keep his father's(?) business as a mortician up and running. It was a great movie and not too old either.
try youjizz
Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky
koreans make the best ones
Akira Kurosawas movies are all awesome
What is (are) your favorite(s) one(s) ??
Seven Samurai is imo one of the best asian movies ive ever seen. Others like Yojimbo, The hidden fortress and Rashomon are high on my favorite list too. But i love them all!
ip man 1, ip man 2, ip man zero
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