Want to challenge me? Bring it on !

Back from hell !

Or I've been here the whole time, MW3 has just become a passion <3

Anyone wanna challenge me :)?

image: 104gmfn

See you ingame fuckers.
skilled game
afraid as fuck now...
you are a challenged person
think about how little of a crap you give for public etplayers who think they're good, then think hard about deleting journal.
Not true man, decent players in public gaming.
decent but not worth attention
Oh dear, isn't ET dead soon?
Sure, me vs you on bf3 (the game that is actually good)
I have consider buying it, but the only thing I liked about it was flying the planes and choppers :D Is it any good on the ground?
ground is good fun, specially with the sub guns like p90 and pdw-r. Making people rage cause if spray and pray :D

i spent most of my time playing by putting C4 on the bottom side of jets and choppers and landing them on tanks or people :D jump out just in time and blast the shit out of em. take out remaning nabs with p90 (my fav weap)

doesnt get you high k/d since u die alot due to failed attempts :D
PDWs pray and spray? Bitch please, they're the most accurate weapons in the game.
I smell sarcasm
The P90 is fucking awesome with laser sight and extended mag, just fucking rapes even when fired from the hip.
I know P90 and PDW-R are awesome, I play with extended mag as perk and rest is stock. I like shooting from the hip, at closerange it's an awesome weapon. What I'm trying to say is on maps like firestorm even single round shooting is quite inaccurate.

Close range, YES!
Long range, MEH!
Sniperfags, AW!
Firestorm is a vehicle map anyway (Actually even sucks for snipers), but for maps like Grand Bazaar, P90, PDW-R and PP-19 are awesome.
print screen is too mainstream
failed attempt
yes taking a pic of tv makes u uber pro
crazy score bro
add me
that "hi haters" is 100% like hummel :D:D:D
retsev <3
Win an FFA without dying while playing bolt-action sniper. Then we can talk.
Those stats are actually nothing spectacular in MW3 public.
I like ET better
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