ET Pubss

Need ip's of high populated servers, no NBS lagfest.
Could also use some COD4 ip's!

image: super-cute-owl
You playing CoD4?!?!??!
Bio offline, I have to!
we play jaymod and noquarter now
this owl is very tame!
I want one!
i want such a pet tooo<3333333333
Cod4 Promode:

ET: ":D" ":D" ":D" TJ Hide and seek
COD is for losers.
F|A Hardcore seem to have people 24/7 tzac pb pb
come nexus in the evening, though you'll need to raise the rate to 40000. Always funny to see 'skilled' ppl join and whine about the 'lag' while they play with rate 25K on a +24 man server.
Fuck bio, nexus is so win. These new fags here should go nexus and learn to revive like a boss like they all do!
since when nbs lags?
in cod4 u have this esuba servers ^^
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