w1lko case

http://tz-ac.com/profile.php?id=77 -> w1lko's account
The IP on which w1lko was caught cheating: 86.29.*.* (7 times in a row and Not on a server!)
http://tz-ac.com/profile.php?id=28441 -> Gieri's account
Many logs from IP: 86.29.*.*
The IP used to hack w1lko's account matches Gieri's ESL account

+ the IP is from UK.

Tag lifted!

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Does this mean Tropics ban will also be removed?
w1lko's account was hacked
Tropic shared his account

=> Tropic still banned
how to proof it ?
lol where is different sharing acc and hacked acc? was hacked tzac server with logins??
nothing against wilko he is propably normal but how can u proof it?
Tropic's account was used every day by 3 more players, and was used for cheats several times in matches.
This couldn't have been a proxy/VPN?
How are you sure its not a proxy?
Because I can see all the loggin IP's from Gieri's TZAC account. It has a dynamic UK IP.
I meant w1lko's ip/acct
sure the UK IP is not somewhere like a university? wasnt there some guys proxying from uni's once before, fusen lists or something?
no offence but when im on @ work which is also in vienna ... i also have an uk connection...
The IP that was used to hack w1lko's tzac account matches Gieri's ESL account
The account was hacked for 2 minutes (when it was caught cheating aswell, and not on a server)
oki but how can u know about wilko cant share his acc?? account was hacked?
iirc he actually admitted cheating lulz
how come no one hacked my account scum
now that u finished this,doing such a great job

please,go for the next case

Romania razy case

:) thanks,bb

playing with cheaters -> BANNN!!!
Great job , thank You FoaMeA;*
bv fomila :)
Damn w1lko, i was like wtf w1lko busted :O, impossibru.

thank god
i was the same :)
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