Germany refuses ACTA

So, after Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Latvia now Germany also refuses to sign ACTA. It's not killed but will be delayed at least until 2013, post-elections. Small win! \o/

German News:
Anyone actually thought that ACTA will pass?:D
no way in hell it will ever pass anywhere

You guys block like 90% of the Youtube videos and yet you don't sign ACTA

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"Us guys"? That's mostly thanks to GEMA and RIAA.
By you guys I meant Germany. Don't know who has the power over all dat shit
GEMA basically is the German version of the RIAA. It's annoying as hell, though, indeed.
I think Govts and content MAFIAA hoped to pass it silently while the public is looking away...
aww yeah finally something good came out of germany

lol i mad
im from germany so fuck you :)
ACTA has weakened so much since the last time they wanted to introduce it, it doesn't matter if it gets passed or not. The description in the law concerning free distribution of data, it's so vague that it's not worth being concerned about. It's written in general language (so as many countries as possible would adopt it) so basically it's worth shit in juridical terms.
dont worry Finlandkatainen will pass acta in Finland
well Poland was 1st Europe country that singed ACTA... they just didnt ratify it.
True, but seemed too complicated for the post.
:) Poland government just want wait till we forgot about ACTA and then sign it im 100% sure they gonna do it :D
I don't this will work anymore. They would like to try that with SOPA as well. But the Internet is watching them. Nowai!
hope this shit place will do the same
now sarkozy is gonna lick her ass and maybe refuses it too :D
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