Thierry Henry once again

He just scored 92nd minute winner for Arsenal vs Sunderland in his last Premier League game with us.

Good bye LEGEND.

(He will play against Milan in CL though)
Quotein his last Premier League game with us.

wat? hes leaving again?
Ye, Henry joined Arsenal on loan for 2 mounths from New York Red Bulls. He will play his last game in CL this wednesday.

tought he was back for more
Who gives a fuck COUNT STRAQULA is a beast and our loanee pienaar scored again fucking sick combo baines/pienaar
Jesus, Stracqualursi scored... the end is near.
Oh wait, you played against Chelsea, nvm :)
everton had an easy fixture today though!
henry best player in fifa 05 and 06

will miss him
arsenal sucks
Yeah, was a great game:)
ma questo arsenal, troppo forte!!!!
Footballers like him should stay in Europe imo. Too bad, but somewhere understandable, they prefer money above love for the club. Henry's celebration after his goal against Leeds said it all...
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