alternative to sony vegas

since sony vegas keeps giving me a sucky error
image: k6xrs

im looking for a decent alternative to this.
I want to make a simple music video, sync some video to some moosik. nothing too fancy.

suggest me shit.

k thx

mother of rewards:
adobe after effects
tried with old version?
after effects or more similar to vegas is Premiere Pro
Adobe Premiere Pro or even Adobe After Effects. They are both more complicated than vegas, but if you really wanna change from vegas to something else i suggest After Effects. It's very similar to Premiere Pro but it's alot better.
windows movie maker
adobe premier
Adobe Premiere
Adobe After Effects
there is a linux thing...openshot... i dont know how good it is tho but its free :p
nice, ill take a look at it next time i boot on debian :)
xvid is pretty easy to use
AEF doesnt support real time audio, i red something about ram preview to listen to it but for me didnt work :D
aswell premire pro cs5 is quite fine just install some plug-in must be enough for ur use
pro fragmovie incomming
ask Nuria
i would, but last time i talked to her she didnt really understand what i was talking about.
her english is not that great, but we're still trying our best to make it work :)
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