Laptops died so need a quick replacement.

Pentium B960 dual core, 6gb memory & 750gb HD for £350.

It needn't be the absolute best you can get for that price as that usualy entails hours of trawling he net & endless opinions with nobody really ageeing. But do people think that's reasonable enough & would it be powerful enough to play say Civ 4? It's just for music / torrents / m$ packages.

I need to be able to buy it in a store today (think PC World / Comet / Currys etc) & £400 is my upper limit. Not looking for anything spectacular.

Much love.

In unrelated news - my boss got 'transferred' yesterday. I wants me that job!
Congrats on the job
Not got it WANT it. They did all our yearly reviews last Friday & he was 'moved' for poor performance whereas I've had word there was very nice things said about me. Play your cards right & all that.
Doesn't sound too promising, you should know by now they'd never hire competent people for those kind of positions.
We'll see. If they hire internal I've a good chance, if they decide to go external I'm fucked as most people take a step down to come into that role.
In further unrelated news. My lesbian friends lover tried to kick seven bells out off me because she thinks we're cheaing. She's wrong on so very many levels (the cock for a start). I wouldn't mind so much had we not spent the night playing Streets of Rage on a megadrive! Not exactly sexy time. I'm getting all the grief & none of the benefits of an affair.
photos of both females or it never happened
had something simmilar, though it was my friend who thought that i was hitting on her, not her gf

but hey as long as it all works out, they're far nicer to be friends with than the avarge person you'd get to know, no!? ;)
I get on really well with her which I think is what freaks the mrs out. Very similar tastes in pretty much everything & we find the same things funny (challenging strangers to a table tennis tournament on a store display is hi-lareous). The other girl is a bit bi-polar which makes it all the more fun :X

But yeah I do enjoy the gays - they've a lot less hang ups generally & seem a bit less self-conscious. I'm not a LAD though so we're natural bedfellows!
don't get me wrong, neither am i :P
though it's true, they are

and couldn't agree on the interests part. already when it comes to music :D
i was seeing a girl for 6 days the other month

we had a massive argument on the 3rd day
on the 4th day i found out she had a boyfriend
on the 6th day her image: Gimli2 was eating her out on my sofa and then after the other one went to sleep she beat the fucking living shit out of me

now we don't speak and her friend is big daves girlfriend lolol
aha it's like a Brookside version of 7 Days =0)

This ones short & blonde & I've only minor bruising! I've offered to sling her one as I think she might be craving the cock which is what's causing the angst.

That generally seems to be what the angry lesbians are missing... they need a good cock.
But then you are a playerimage: nelliecdc
im so not a player

i helped a woman with her bag on the tube earlier

didnt even get her number

why must i die alone :((
Hahaha squint your eyes & think of the boobs :I

I like how EVERYONE in there is taking a photo of gimli pulling
well she makes big dave look like a tall but normal size man, thats pretty rare
Price £499 :s
Pretty cool for browsing and some tablet games but don't think it runs civ 4
Have the Samsung Galaxy tab.

This is mainly for torrenting & to plug into the tv.
Where do you live? I recommend a drive to Aria, mention Youngie1337 for a discount.
very much
nellie get amd,smth like a6 3400 + 6650 ati, its way cheaper than intel and gives better performance
You're all shit I got bored waiting & bought it ASUS 15.6" Pentium B960, 320GB, 4G + 2G Ram (whatever that means) on the reasoning that it was the one reduced from the biggest price :XX
Is Foobar still what all the cool kids are using? Clean installation baby!

Also need a cracked m$ if people are feeling generous.
Foobar is the way to go!
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