Dont Forget Valentines Day

WoW if my girlfriend was anything like that, then i would never forget about valentines day.

For those of you like myself, single! Then enjoy the night off.
nice posting porns here
your parents are so poor, they cant even pay attention
going to Tuesday Club at my student union tommorrow night, Flux Pavilion playing. I have a girlfriend. Its going to be fucking filthy.

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naaaah jk im not a douche, we just dont do all that valentines day shit
don't believe it man, i'm sure she expects smth!
im expecting to get my dick sucked. we dont always get what we want..
tbh valentines day is useless shit. there is no need for a forced date on which u should/have to buy something for ur gf. u can do it everyday if u want to. no one will ever tell/force me when i have to buy which goods.
only sense of this is for the economey selling flowers, sweets and much more.
idd, rather go for a random nice meal any other day
So true. Don't really get the sense of these days either nor do I like them.
I Won't Forget! I Promise Darling!,
lol you fat fuck, you will never have a girlfriend :XD
of course he will, gl ross
You jealous that ross gets more girls than you?
today??? Am I supposed to drink tonight? :oo
What girlfriend you referring to? lolXD
too bad, i'll be sitting in a plane..
skinny bitch
wouldnt fuck
i hate her, please remove this vid
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Don´t forget guys!
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I'm using my hand,
But I'm thinking of you.
Roses are red
Violets aren't gold
get on your knees
and do as you are told.
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Rophynol is cheap
So fuck all of this romantic shit, I'm just going to rape you.
Roses are gay
Violets are gayer
Fuck this poem
And listen to Slayer
Roses are tits
Violets are tits
tits tits tits
thats why i wanted to comment :D
Roses are stupid
Violets are silly
Grease up your flaps
Coz here comes my willy
My girlfriend does this cool thing where she doesn't exist.
dat chick
lol almost
QuoteThis made my penis cry tears of white joy.
frankie519 3 hours ago
Roses can be white
and Violets are shite
Be my fucking valentine or I'll set you alight
Honestly, people who buy stuff on valentinesday buy it because they feel they have to.

No charm or love attached then, is it?
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