Commercial Restaurant Day

What are you guys doing for this auspicious day? I hope you have sent some e-flowers to your virtual bitches?
Shivering like a sick person with a throat inflammation.
had your first deepthroat, did you? :D

hope you get better soon :/
I sent evilynn a very nice card and a gift(i'm not gonna tell what it is, since she might read this before opening the present), and yes, I've actually sent a real card and a real gift, not some e-bullshit like you losers.
Thanks, I will make sure we invite you to our wedding as well, since you're the first to congratulate us.
haha ;D according to topic of this journal it wasn't hard to tell that you actually haven't done anything like that but mkay, xx
Tonight I'm going to a friend's place. We gonna drink wine and eat some Camembert with a baguette.
Gave my bitches my fucking food order and told her to get back in the Kitchen
Not before slotting her one up the arse.
Know that shit. The gravy trail all day
Waiting for gf, we gonna watch some movie, spend time together, not going outside since we are misantropic bustards and hate people. For us its just typical normal day. Yesterday we had dinner at some restaurant, just because of less people in shoping center.

Also she hate this day even more than im. Comercial shit, too mainstream for hipisters.
I seriously hate this day and don't get the sense either.
Roses are red
Voilets are blue
Vodka costs less
Than dinner for two
-Story of my life.
Not a big deal here, BUT today every gig is free in Finland.
So will cook some dinner with my gf and then hit some bar/club with friends
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