config enemy territory hi

so i got new laptop few days ago, i have played too much dota2 and quakelive and i want to see if enemy territory is as good as it used to be
but i need some good config to own with

maybe you can post some links and pics of some of ur own configs or some pro player configs

for return i give you these good songs to listen, because my music taste is very good

and this is also chill -

i will also give a picture of my ownage against noobs (3vs5) in DoTA2
image: 2012-02-12_00001

you cant play too much quakelive can you?
if you havent played games for like 2 years because of shitty computer, you kinda can, im not so strong at nolifing yet :P
l00kz nice
looks like 90% of et cfgs
its funny because i have played with like 10 configs so far and none of them looked like this
Parent if you want it :) The fov on the ss's is 140^^ Normally i use 120.
my config ofc
My profile -- im also laptop player (on sony vaio)
i wanted to buy vaio but with that price it had bad gfx card :) very nice looking laptop
profile also laptop player asus k73s series
using a laptop as well.. check my profile for config..

its for 120hz though (since my laptop has a 120hz screen)
inb4 ati with crosshair size 9000
nice song, where'd you find it :S
it started like this:
i wrote on google search "good songs 2012" it gave me lot of not good songs but then i wrote on google search "good music song for sac to put in his crossfire journal" it said "did you mean Metric - Collect Call (Adventure club remix)?" and we agreed with google together and i made this journal...
hmm, quite nerdish.........
yes but everyone here are nerds except me so np4me
Parent (lot of configs)
i have never seen a more shittier config than this, gratz
looks like minecraft
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