ET Facts made up by myself. v3

Good evening!

ET FACTS made up by myself S01E03

I am starting to run out of facts, but I am trying, really!

Sometimes it's easier to kill someone with pistol than SMG - true
Can't really explain, but this is it. Whenever it comes to face to face, in some situations when your first pistol bullet hits, the next ones will follow. This isn't how it works with SMG.

Accuracy doesn't matter at all false
Most of the players says accuracy doesn't matter at all. Why is that?
They explain it with preshooting and firing random bullets in crucial situations. In face to face a good aimer gains 50-70% accuracy and loosing about half of this amount in situations like gibbing(which doesn't count as a shot if you hit body), preshooting and etc. Accuracy does matter, it gives you a feedback of the player's aiming skills.
(I am not talking about public fighters here.)

Highest amount of damage = most valuable player - false
Most of you may think if you deliver the most damage it means you did the most for the team, which is false. Having more damage than avarage doesn't actually mean the damage you delivered was useful. (Not everytime)
E.g: Opponent pushing out kills.

Can't think of anything else right now.
Have a good night!
Accuracy as statistic doesn't matter at all, accuracy infight does.

I guess I can agree with the other two :)
good story about the dmg :)
True story about Accuracy & Dmgs :>
highest dmg = best player

eff = skill
doesn't apply when your an engy smg.
Obj & gibs = win. Damage is for nobrainers ;)
Usually got 40-50 acc, am I good? :O)
stop playing sniper
Talking 'bout SMG here, didn't even include luger/colt :)
You didn't even include luger/colt? dude impressive acc ...
total bullshit rly... dmg given >>>> accuracy
hardly got more than 30% acc, now I know why I'm so bad :(
Accuracy > 39 means your skilled !
xp = skill
disagree on everything
The first one is true only if you are teKoa.

QuoteAccuracy does matter, it gives you a feedback of the player's aiming skills.

stats are stats, meaning of any stat is impossible to interpret 100%
some tell more than the others in general, but I dont even know which.. i feel gibs is one of the most overrated stat in ET, there are spots where gibbing is crucial but they are rare, and spots where gibbing might be good but its not even clear, then there are spots where gibs are just waste of bullets that u might need and takes focus of other important things (like u get fragged making a gib where u would be better off staying alive and slowing down + damaging that other player etcetcetc)
if theres one concept that people dont think in ET (afaik) that is important is slowing down people, playing time and staying alive in certain spots.
anyway every situation is different and u shouldnt make generalizations that much
it really should be a nobrainer that u cant determinate the best player purely from numbers in game like ET :\
Well your gibbing-saying is partially true, but I still tend to gib if I can, just to be sure and not rely on "yea, they are spawning soon, he will tap out". And I don't want the opponent to see what I am doing.
very situational, but if u wanna try to play optimal "just to make sure" is not good reasoning!
and yeah its good to think about opponent giving calls on where u are etc if u dont gib him, that may sway ur decision into gibbing someone in a certain spot

but ofc people cant really think everything through situationally so experience and some general guidelines / thinking patterns? and such will determinate ur skill
if ur guilines are along the way of "gibbing is everything, so I will focus on getting tons of gibs" or as medic "its everything to be a teamplayer and I will just focus on getting those revives" then ur likely someone whos not very highskilled at the game, as I would call those thoughts very inaccurate and way too general.
ET is all about spawntime, when you understand that, you'll be disgusted by the game.
all who understood it have already quited :(
so please dont give these useless hints and kill the game even more!!!
then why do some high teams beat other high teams 95%+?
spawntimes are big, but ur wording is off!! it also depends so much on the map, its not even an issue on some
Yeah I exagerate the thing but my point is that if players are experienced, they just know when to wait, when to get out from their spawn, when to gib, when to thrown nades and when to walk on mines.
3on3 is 100% about spawntime at some point.
For 6on6 I'd say 75% (I'm only talking about high skilled matchs).
xDDD troll journal
You mad cos I am styling on you, true story.
Accuracy doesn't matter at all false

lol... It doesn't matter in alot of situations this is just retarded
Sometimes it's easier to kill someone with pistol than SMG = true

Accuracy doesn't matter at all = true

Highest amount of damage = most valuable player = true (in case he still plays obj)
ET facts made up by me:

1. Netherlands Azatej: God of ET
2. Thompson does the same damage as MP40
3. The perfect ET scenario involves an MP40 and a Colt for optimal audio experience
4. It's annoying as fuck when someone in your team tells you to gib
5. Delivery is a terrible map and you should feel bad for liking it
I only agree with the first one
Now these are some real facts, however I didn't get #3 so I mentally replaced it with "3. Time spent in tunnels, caves, and your own spawn area is inversely proportional to skill". Now I agree with the whole list.
Can't understand how people can say that accuracy doesn't matter at all. (personal skill-wise)
the boss has spoken
Quote"Accuracy doesn't matter at all false"

image: 4f2d27b992a2a_tumblr_lvrp8bU9AV1qibz0jo1_500
My fact #1
- You are shit if you dont shoot atleast 1000 bullets/map.
adlernets -> set time around 1 minute -> shoot more than 100 ammo is succes
ur lack of game knowledge is simply hilarious :-)
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