Nueva York

Hey guys I am back in Antarctica,

Here are some pics I took as I strolled around the city:

Did some mix with cool bassline tracks as well, if you dig chill electronic music:

A notable concert I went to was: Nicolas Jaar, he is gonna blow up.
Best area: Williamsburg, Brooklyn!

And on a side note, I d appreciate public server ips (bio has some funky maps on it :<)

image: tumblr_lykyll7c6w1qb4w9to1_400
nice pics =)
time square at night is so cool
I am still here/there, whatever.

What you were doing here & where you have been living? :P
Nice, I was there on a film making workshop, so I basically shot 2 short films. I was staying at Union square on 1st av. (close to everything !)

Things I recommend:

Highline in Chelsea
Shake Shack
Rockefella > Empire State
Concert in Williamsburg concert hall
Le Bain Nightclub (Pacha is overrated unless you want to see a special DJ or are Switzerland rich)
Shake Shack
Guggenheim Museum (My fav)
The Modern Restaurant (my fav fancy restaurant)
Watch a movie on the ETX screen of the AMC Cinema on 42th street
Shake Shack

Enjoy! :D
can u make a picture of empire state building for me please?
That sounds pretty sweet, hope you had a good time.

& thanks for your recom. list, i've been to a few of them. Let's see how much stuff I can visit, since I got only 1 1/2 days left by myself :D

+ sweet photoblog :)
dat feel when christmas in new york

would have totally made a picture likes this tho
image: Es+war+einmal+in+Amerika
once upon a time in america <3
Ah ye thought about that place, but I didn't rly go to places just to take a single picture, I just took pics as I walked rly (so don't imagine me with my camera around my neck walking :p). There are websites that map every location in new york that were used in movies.
..well probably its just me and my obsession with that movie anyway

great pictures nontheless,you've captured that perfect combination of athmosphere/cleaness and historical/modern and detail/big picture...really like it
Don't get me wrong that movie is awesome :D and thanks!
Nice pictures.
Thanks for meeting me :(
Jonas mad cause Jonas is Jonas. U camel.
worst multiclasser ever :S
I should spec more dave on ettv :<
in other news i might study @ Geneve next year :S
Aha great, I might move to London :D! I ll make you friends with the rich peepz before i go ;[.
Thx dab :S, well I also applied for London but small odds of getting in those schools.
nice pictures u took there
Wow nice Dabbie! Really pics!

What camera do you have? I wanna make that kinda pictures too :o)
Ahah thanks BooL! Used a Digital Canon G12!. It does 10Megapixels, I just cropped them smaller for upload on tumblr.

E: If you are rich go for a SLR (or DSLR) reflex camera, like the Canon EOS series (T2i or Nikon's of the same price range), it's 500€ more though.
It is nice to know that somebody still recognizes that SLRs are for PROS or rich people :p

Cool pics
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