chisora vs haye

its chisora, not chirosa

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Chisora is bitch bro ;P Wants to challenge everyone and tries to win with a luck .
Wouldn't call him a bitch after his performance last night to be honest. He fought with great heart, threw a lot more bigger shots than Vitali. One thing you can say about Chisora is that he's brave, definitely not a bitch. Love to see your 60kg punk ass stand toe to toe with Vitali.
Wouldn't say so . He's acting like a bitch being a wnb gangsta , cmon 40years old guy did beat him with broken fist ..... are you kidding me?
Klitsckhos just having a laugh lol
As an Englishmen myself, I must say I'm completed embarrassed by both Haye and Chisora's actions. Totally gives British Boxing a terrible name once again. I thought Chisora had a great gameplan and threw the bigger shots, credit to the guy. Still doesn't mean you can start brawling at a press conference. Haye didn't help the situation at all too.

I think both boxers should be heavily fined and have their boxing licences taken away from them for at least 2 years.
Haha, that Chisora guy is one big, braindead ape
haha let them kill each other, stupid niggers
so tell me why i shouldnt be racist?
show must go on

its all for a show, thats the role Chisora is chosen to play, he makes great $ with it.

if u think Chisora is for real like this then u must be retarded
Hi Don King
Loved Klitschko's reaction :D
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